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» Sunday, May 12, 2013
Mother of Sleepy Pets

A quiet Sunday; even Schuyler and Willow spent most of the day sleeping. James made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, then we went out to do a few errands: mail a card, pick up a newspaper, and get a new CO2 cylinder for his Soda Stream. Then we could enjoy ourselves for about an hour at Barnes & Noble, where I picked up Mr. Monk Gets Even, which Lee Goldberg states in the introduction is his final Monk novel. Puzzled, though—in the rear of the book is the first chapter of another Monk novel, supposedly written by Lee Goldberg! Odd. I also picked up Paul Reiser's Parenthood for $2. I loved Couplehood, but Babyhood was a bit of a disappointment. For $2 I'll give Parenthood a try.

After stopping for gasoline we came home for the afternoon. Sat through a dreadful show on BBC America called Top Gear because they were building a space shuttle and James wanted to see if they could get it to launch. (Well, it did, but the landing was a bit of a fireball.) They were running Gordon Ramsey this morning and it was much preferable, even if Gordon does scold more than Schuyler does!

Spent the afternoon finally trying to catch up on the second season of How The States Got Their Shapes. We had the beef tortellini with the spaghetti sauce I made yesterday, which was okay and not as greasy as I feared. Later it was time for Call the Midwife—Chummy returns, a black woman in the almost-all-white Poplar neighborhood faces bigotry, a downtrodden woman and the bullying man who took her and her son in years earlier await the return of the young man from America—and finally Mr. Selfridge, with a smart lesson about being the other woman, as well as the power of discounts.

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