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» Sunday, May 05, 2013
Home From Paradise

Much better sleep last night, although James had to wake me up to tell me I was snoring. I'm not surprised, as my nose has been stuffy since we arrived. Unfortunately a call of nature sent me to the bathroom well before the alarm. Not to mention several other times this morning. Nor did I improve. Sigh.

Almost everyone was down for breakfast on this final day, either in the actual dining room itself or in our meeting room. James had gone downstairs before me and saved me a place at the end of a table, and we ate in the midst of happy chatter. After we finished, we went upstairs, finished packing, towed everything downstairs and stuffed it into the car, checked out, and then returned to the meeting room, which we had until three. But it was Sunday and it was raining and one by one people started to leave: the Lawsons, with Aaron only days to go until his fifteenth birthday; Jessie and Aubrey and their friends (including the irrepressible Isabel); a couple here, others there. James was getting one of his visual migraines and so we left about 1:30, driving through the drizzle and the mizzle, stopping at the North Georgia Premium Outlets to use the facilities. (As we were leaving, the Butlers showed up, and Facebook showed later that several others left pretty much after we did.)

The clouds lessened as we approached Dunwoody, and of course by the time we got there the sky was partly cloudy and the sun was peeking into the bits of blue sky showing. Willow came charging out of the back room in obvious delight, and then in a hurry to leave, whether her sister was ready or not. Schuyler was delivered next, all fluff and hitting at her bell. It turns out Willow is turning out her hindlegs not because of arthritis but because the ligaments on her knee joints are slipping. The growth appears benign.

So we get home and of course then we have to go to Kroger. I shall scream one day when I walk in there. There had to be about fifty or sixty bananas at least and every single one of them was green. I bought peaches instead. The sandwich buns were covered in poppy seeds, which are even more revolting than caraway seeds. However, we did find something for supper, and some chicken for Tuesday night, and a few desserts. The sun and blue sky proved to be a "sucker hole," and by the time we got out of Kroger it was already spitting rain, although it didn't break into the real thing until a bit later. I tossed all our weekend things into the washer, brought James' blankets upstairs, and then we watched the last two episodes of Elementary and the next part of the Nature about Australia (some of it being last in the rain), as well as a new Feasts and Seasons about Saints Philip and James.

Then finally it was time for Call the Midwife, a melancholy story about tuberculosis in  the flats and a young woman who is the last survivor of an entire family, except for her father, who died of TB. She has never found herself good enough for him.

And now we are on to Mr. Selfridge...and the weekend will be over. A good weekend, despite the rain.

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