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» Monday, May 27, 2013
Good Old-Fashioned Post Convention Depression

Thanks be for comfy beds and feather pillows: I think I fell asleep the moment the light was switched off. Unfortunately we'd gone to bed late because we were still keyed up despite being tired, and I was woken, rather abruptly, at about 5:45 by a glow from James' tablet. He had gone to the bathroom and noticed it was blinking, and then noticed it wasn't charging.

Unfortunately he couldn't mess with it because in ten minutes he had to get up and go to work. Yeah, on Memorial Day. A real bummer. So I went back to bed, but I can't seem to leave these electronics problems alone; I'm like a dog with a bone. So about ten minutes later I got up, unplugged the silly thing, and re-plugged it in in the spare room. Had to wiggle the cord around and then it started to charge. Not sure if it's the socket or if it's the cord—my old cassette tape recorder, the one I received as a high-school graduation gift, always had a problem like this; the power cord would only work if curved in a specific direction (I finally electrical-taped it into optimum shape).

Then I went back to bed and I did fall asleep, but woke up with an incipient migraine, took something and went back to bed, and didn't get up until ten, and finished reading Mr. Monk on Patrol. I was in my most lachrymose post-con depression phase; I hate leaving conventions—it's like being thrown out of Narnia, having to leave a world that is warm and welcoming for real life which is uncomfortable and maddening and downright scary sometimes. I did enjoy my oatmeal, though! Booooooo to the hotel breakfast bar for only having grits.

I had to go to Kroger to pick up bread, yogurt, and Those Damn Bananas, and decided to go to Barnes & Noble first to cheer myself up. Apparently the Sunday drivers bled into today. However, I reached there without incident and even found something neat in CD Warehouse (used media) "next door": the Blu-Ray version of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, which has commentary and some storyboards. James called me as I was leaving to tell me they were sending him home, so I did a quick survey of B&N: picked up the latest Josephine Tey mystery, checked out the cross-stitch magazines, bought a neat carry bag on discount, and left, only stopping for gasoline on the way home.

He was at  home by the time I got there, and we went out for lunch at House of Lu III, which is next to Kroger. Not bad cashew chicken, but a little greasy, but the wonton soup was good. Then we did the shopping and came home, which overjoyed Miss Willow. Even Schuyler gave a volley of happy chirps. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching a science special called Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe, and two episodes of Lassie, "The Frog" (with two very funny scenes with constable Clay Horton and Ellen Miller discussing, or rather avoiding, the the sexing of frogs) and "Bee Hive." For supper we had the slow-cooked beef over spaetzle (yummy!) and the watermelon James had chosen in Kroger for dessert.

Plus we finally have the suitcase put away (since we had no need to haul it up and down in the three-week gap between Sabra's wedding and Atomicon and then the same between Atomicon and Timegate). Yayyyy. No more "little room with a teevee" for Schuyler for a long time now.

Now watching Killing Zone Atlantic, about looking for shipwrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic.

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