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» Friday, May 03, 2013
Friday Evening at the Uno Game
It had begun to mist heavily by dinner time. We corralled Sue, Bill, and Caran and went to Bodensee, the German restaurant we went to last year. James and I had the sampler plate. Sue tasted a little of everything and we still have leftovers; it's a big platter for two. We had a nice chat and, since we walked there and back, got rather damp as it was drizzling in earnest on the return trip.

Changed our clothes and spent the rest of the evening in the big conference room, where we got the sad news about Alice's brother Joe. Earlier in the afternoon we got word that Joe had been in a car accident caused by his having a heart attack while driving. Ironically, it was good that it happened then because if he had been at home, it might have been days before he was found. Instead people who saw the accident called the police and Joe was rushed to the hospital. But he didn't make it. Alice is devastated; she just talked to him this morning.

Later on we played Big Bang Theory Uno, which has a "Soft Kitty" card, which can be meaner than a Draw 4 card. :-)

But I'm tiring early because of the fluorescent lights in the conference room. Nasty things. Just like at work.

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