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» Sunday, May 19, 2013
And When the Sky Was Opened

Friday night I couldn't sleep. Last night I could have, judging by the portions in which I did, if the dad-blasted weather radio hadn't been blasting off at regular intervals to tell us there were flood warnings in Bartow County. (We don't live in Bartow County. We don't even live near Bartow County.) At one point James had no sooner gotten up and made the radio shut up and then gotten back to bed than it went off again with more flood warnings for Bartow County. Ugh.

I know I did sleep a bit because I woke up from a dream where we went to someone's house where they'd just moved in. I looked at the bare walls and said to James, "Remind me to do something about our walls when we get home." We do now have some space on the bedroom wall now that the stuffed animals are gone. I bought about four of those multi-photo frames several years back; I need to pick out some family and friend photos, have them printed at Walgreen's or CVS, and put them in the frames and put the frames up. I've only intended to do it for five years now.

It had thundered earlier and it was still awash outside, so we took our time with breakfast and doing internet surfing. A little after noon, the weather took a breather and we made a quick stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a new seat cushion for my desk chair before going to Costco. It was a busy place to spend a Sunday afternoon. We strolled by the cameras and the DVDs and the books, and the new Galaxy Note, and cut a swath through the store. It turned out they had Brawny and ScotTissue and other things we needed, so that our planned trip to BJs (the original plan for today) wasn't so much of a washout (pun intended). And we lucked out as it wasn't raining at all when we exited.

After the groceries were put up, we bought my gas for the week, and then we were done with chores for the day. We watched parts eight and nine of Edwardian Farm, had some chicken wings for dinner, and watched the final parts of series two of Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge.

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