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» Thursday, May 02, 2013
And So to Bed...
It was a rather hellacious day at work.

I had one order I knew I could do and another I thought was ready. Instead I spent the morning confering and convincing. By then it was time for a training class online.By the time afternoon came the bottom had fallen out. I found out that an order I awarded last fall has run into serious difficulties. On Monday I'm going to have to participate in a conference call, but it doesn't sound like it's going to help with the order. Blast.

The only good thing that happened today—well, okay, the grass got cut—was that our new mattress was delivered. This is the one we bought at the Home Show over a month ago. It is memory foam like a TempurPedic, but is manufactured by a different company which uses soy-based materials. We also bought an adjustable mechanism for it. The head lifts and so does the foot, and it has a massage function. I was so frazzled by the time work ended and James was so tired after helping clean out the room that once I put my desk and papers up, we both lay down on the bed and let the massage lull us for a half hour. I think we only got up because we were both hungry.

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry, though. One of the things we ordered with the bed was a memory foam dog bed to soothe Willow's old bones. I think they sent the wrong one; we asked for a tan medium bed, which was 24 by 30. This is more 30 by 48 and is black. We pulled up her plush blanket and put it into place with much ceremony and called her; she lay down on it for a few minutes then wandered away. Now Wil had been in a bit of high dudgeon all day. When the bed installers called to say they were on the way, I blocked her into the dining room with the baby gate. She barked angrily at them. Then Alex and gang came to mow the lawn. More angry barking. And now we were replacing her blanket. She protested in the only way she could: she peed on it. Luckily the cover was Scotchgarded. James cleaned it up and later tossed the blanket over it. She was lying on it a little while ago and did look comfy, but to sleep tonight she still wants her favorite place: James' chair.

Okay, that was not one of the best Big Bang Theory episodes tonight, but there is something very appealing about Sheldon and Leonard being influenced by a "Mr. Wizard"-like television personality (played by Bob Newhart). Much better later on was the breathtaking "Legendary White Stallions" on Nature, the story of the Lipizzan horse. These are such beautiful animals, really "poetry in motion." I've loved Lipizzaners since seeing Disney's Miracle of the White Stallions and reading Marguerite Henry's White Stallion of Lipizza.

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