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» Saturday, May 04, 2013
All Awash

And so it rained. It rained in small drops and rained in large, it misted and poured and pattered in succession.

I don't believe anyone cared.

I just wished we'd gotten more sleep. Even though it was chilly out, none of the air was coming in the window. The room was warm, the blankets were heavy, the bed was comfy, but, frankly, the pillows sucked. Two were too little and three was too much. We tossed and turned and grumbled and moaned, and finally I grabbed the big pillow I'd intended to use as a floor pillow (my old feather pillows stuffed in one big flannel pillowcase) and used those. And then I did get some sleep, but all it was was nightmares. I dreamt Schuyler got out of her cage and was fluttering about on the floor like she did the other night and some strange old woman almost stepped on her. By the time the alarm rang, I was staggering on my feet.

Was better after breakfast. We were able to take our food into the conference room and eat all together, which was fun. We haven't been able to do that at the Lodge for years. The last time we got the breakfast room was...I think it was the year I had my surgery.

We took our time with breakfast, and, about 11:30, along with our friend Sue, drove out to Clarkesville. We were trying to find a local antique mall that also had a store that sold art supplies/models/comics/toys/backyard birding supplies (I kid you not). The antique mall was on the main road. We had a good hour walking about here; each of the little booths inside had not only tchotckes and furniture and vintage glass and dishes, but old books. I saw a 1961 civics book but didn't buy it.

In the back there was a larger bookstore; mostly old things. I found several children's books, including two taking place during World War II, a Reader's Digest pictorial about the first World War, and two books for James, a 1959 aerospace children's book and a WWI-set series book. James found a gift for someone and bought a rechargdable flashlight.

We also went to the art supplies/etc. part of the store, which is in downtown Clarkesville, a tenth of mile away. It was Free Comic Book Day, so we all got comics. The art supply part of the store was incredible. They even had encaustic wax, which I've heard of in relation to ancient artwork, but I've never seen the actual thing.

We came back to the hotel in time to relax a bit and then get ready to watch the Kentucky Derby. The race track in Kentucky was equally awash and at the end of the race all the horses were the same color: brown. So were the jockeys. It was an excellent race, despite the mucky track; the winner, Orb, came from the middle of the pack to win. James and Lin favored a horse called "Normandy Invasion." :-)

After that we went to the Western Sizzlin' for supper (a nice variety on the buffet), then came back for more games and chatter.

[Later: When everyone was back from supper, Bill's copy of "The Crimson Horror" (latest Doctor Who) was cued up and at least a dozen of us watched the episode. Sue said it was the best Clara episode she'd seen so far, and I thought it was pretty good myself. Plus there were two references to a previous companion! When the episode was finished, I found a game of Chronology just finishing up and took someone's place. We played two games, chatted a bit more, and then went upstairs about one.]

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