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» Thursday, May 23, 2013
A Mixed Bag, With Scrubbing
Yeah, don't faint—a midweek post that's not a Daybook. It's been a bit of a week. Had a lot of work ready to go out, but my supervisors were so overloaded with other work they only got to one  Frustrating.

Had some leave days to use up, so took one today. It was a mixed bag of a day: I washed two bathroom floors, two toilets, the kitchen floor, and the dog. I also went to Aldi for milk and chocolate early enough that it was warm but still fairly pleasant and breezy out. The storm that wreaked so much devastation in Oklahoma dispersed on its way east and we got no rain at all. There are no words for Oklahoma; it looks like the city was aerial bombed.

I also took down the spring decorations, so the house is now "almost fall" again with a few exceptions (the table in the foyer).

While I was having lunch I watched two episodes of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, a 1999 animated series (watched another after James got home, which concluded a story arc). I'd picked up the entire series at Fry's for $7. The story: in the 22nd century, Inspector Lestrade's great-great [whatever] granddaughter is a police officer in New London, under Director Grayson. She's been given a Cyborg sidekick she sarcastically calls "Watson." When the brainwashing device they use on violent criminals suddenly quits working, Lestrade thinks it's the work of a new Moriarty and has Sherlock Holmes, who lived a long life and died of old age, and whose body was preserved in honey, revived and then rejuvenated by an experimental process. Sherlock survives this frightful process with aplomb, is a quick study on the centuries he's missed, and is soon following clues again using "eyes and brain," and a certain amount of snark, ably voiced by Jason Gray-Stanford, who went on to play Randy Disher on Monk. Lestrade's cyborg reads all the journals of Dr. Watson given to him by Holmes and absorbs his mannerisms as well. Fitted with a plastic face that mimics Watson, the cyborg becomes Watson.

Kinda corny but not as bad as the angular cartoons they have today, and they have neat touches: for instance, in one episode Holmes and Lestrade meet Wiggins, head of a group of street kids (Baker Street Irregulars, anyone?). Most of the episodes are thinly based on Holmes stories. Of course if Holmes says "Elementary, my dear Watson" (something Holmes never said) or "eyes and brains" one more time, I'm going to bop him. :-)

We had potlucks for supper and watched the season finale of Elementary. I have to admit, I never thought of that permutation! In fact, I had suspicions near season beginning that Moriarty might be Holmes Senior. This series has been a pleasant surprise. They didn't get gicky with the Holmes/female Watson relationship and the mysteries and characters have been interesting. Loved the ending with Joan and the "new bee."

Later we watched the final two episodes of season three of Hawaii Five-O. Never saw that coming, either. I mean, that's where they leave us? Seriously? Seriously? Aieeeeeee! And we never heard Doris' explanation of why she visited Wo Fat. "To be continued" indeed!

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