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» Friday, April 05, 2013
Wow, How Did That Happen?
So after we both finished work tonight, we decided to try out Zoƫ's Kitchen, the new Mediterranean restaurant near Bed, Bath & Beyond. We both had steak wraps (only James had cheese with his), which were good if a trifle peppery for my taste, but then one grain of pepper is one too much for me! It came with a yogurt-like dipping sauce that cut the pepper, which I appreciated. The side dish, rice pilaf, was quite good as well. We'll be back.

James had a $75 gift certificate to Men's Wearhouse that expires on Sunday, so we went across the street to see if we could find something. He bought a nice green shirt, a shade between sage green and mint green, to wear to his sister's wedding. The computers died when he went to check out and it seems like it took us forever to get out of there. Sometimes I miss manual cash registers!

I also have a coupon, to Lane Bryant/Catherine's, and wanted to check out if they had anything nice in my size for the wedding, so we nipped over to Cumberland Mall, only to find the Lane Bryant there is closed, replaced by some big clothing store called XXI. Again, mostly stuff for younger folks.

There's a Payless shoe store on that level, and, just on a whim, I wandered in. Shoe shopping is always such an ordeal for me, and I didn't have the correct socks on, but this was a strong whim. First I had to search for shoes my size, which were hidden next to the kids' sizes! I looked at slipper-type shoes, but I didn't like at all how they fit, and oh, how they hurt! Don't they make shoes with arch supports anymore? Plus they had awful, hard shoes with that dreadful thong that goes between your big toe and the next one. Ugh. I've hated those since I was a kid; they'd always make big blisters between my toes. They also had one pair of traditional pumps that looked like they were right out of an episode of Mad Men. Didn't want those, either.

But in with the 6 1/2s I found a wedge-heel type shoe with a criss-cross type front that was a stretch elastic under a patent leather (well, plastic these days) strap. I tried them on, and...well, they weren't half bad, but were too big, even with my bulky white socks. So I found some in a 6, and those fit even better. I think when I have the proper socks on, they will be fine. I wouldn't want to wear them all day, and I'm going to have to walk carefully because they are strapless in the back, but I think I can manage through the few hours of a wedding party.

And then, because they were having a buy-one, get-another-item-half-off sale, I looked around and found a cute little silver purse on a long chain. It will be fine for me to put my phone and my wallet in for the wedding.

And this took less than twenty minutes. I was not only aghast, I was agog.

So if last night you saw the ghost of an older woman walking around looking astonished, don't worry, because it was only my mom wandering around in shock from my voluntarily buying shoes without whining.

We walked the length of the mall, too, and bought a pretty wedding card (and I had a Hallmark coupon to do it with!). Shoes. Wonders will never cease.

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