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» Sunday, April 28, 2013
Spring Has Two Faces

You couldn't have found a nicer Saturday morning. Of course it was cloudy, but cool, the clouds meant no sun getting in your eyes, and, despite the threat of rain, not a drop fell. Of course. James had to work. :-)

Yeah, I took the opportunity to sleep some, then swallowed my oatmeal and yogurt, left the television on for Schuyler, and headed out on my errands. But first I made a really quick stop at the Jonquil Festival to see if it was worth coming back on Sunday when it surely would rain. I got there so early the library didn't even have their books out yet. It looked like the usual vendors. The Button Girl was back, but I didn't see that she had any Doctor Who or Sherlock items this year. I wonder if the BBC got after her. I didn't see the "shrug lady" this time I should have bought one when I had the chance. (I don't know how to describe this item. The Vermont Country Store used to sell them and called them "shrugs." It's basically two sleeves joined at the shoulders with a strip, something for you to toss on quickly and use when you just need a quick wrap.)

My main errand was to pick up all our dress clothing at the cleaner. Admiral Cleaners is on one end of the shopping center, with a Dollar General at the other end, so I stopped at the Dollar first. This is a nice one that usually has an excellent selection. I picked up several things, including a new pair of scrub pants (these are great for lounging around in between sweatshirt season and shorts season) and a dollar book about obscure words.

Breathed a sigh of relief after the cleaner as it didn't cost as much as I feared. Then I treated myself and went to Book Nook. Yes, I found more books: one about idioms and another about book collecting. And a gift for James.

I'd intended to stop at Sam's, but the parking lot itself was so crowded I didn't want to stop. Instead I headed down Cobb Parkway to Office Depot. I just wanted a couple of sets of bookends, but I'm afraid I've never lost my affection for wandering about stationery stores. As a kid I wandered the stationery aisles of Thalls and Douglas Drugs, Newberrys and Woolworths, and E.L. Freeman stationers in happy reverie. I did get the bookends, plus some nifty gadgets that I plan to use for gifts.

I also popped into Michaels for some Command hooks and Aldi for milk, and then was finally home, where I spent the afternoon and later in the evening finally doing something I've been intending to for ages: cross stitching. I'm still working on my autumn leaf pattern.

We had a Fresh2Order coupon, so had supper there and then walked the mall for some post-prandial exercise. No books, no media, no drugstore, no games, and now no Radio Shack. Yet another reason not to go to the mall.

Had a nice Sunday sleep, but woke to a relentlessly grey day, rain already steadily falling. After breakfast we went to Kroger. I'm getting really tired of only seeing green bananas! We found some nice boneless skinless chicken thighs for supper [James made them with teriyaki sauce and they were delicious] and have a quick dinner lined up for tomorrow night as well. Then just to cheer ourselves up we went to Barnes & Noble. We both found a history book and James got the newest "Good Food."

We've had The Sarah Jane Adventures, season three, sitting around from Netflix for ages—since February, it says in our queue list!—so we spent the late afternoon watching the three stories on the first disk. The Judoon serial was okay, but I quite liked "The Mad Woman in the Attic" and "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith," the latter which featured David Tennant as the Doctor. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, all three stories had a theme about loneliness. Was this a running theme of the third season? I guess we'll find out when the second disk arrives.

Later we watched a lovely GPB special about raptors, Call the Midwife, and finally Mr. Selfridge.

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