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» Sunday, April 14, 2013
Rainy Day Comin' Home Blues

Boy, I hate "second verse, same as the first." I thought I would sleep like I was poleaxed I was so tired last night, but after sleeping well for a while, it was a repeat of Friday night: turn over and wake up, turn over and wake up...gah.

We'd talked about having breakfast, finishing packing, then running to the Macon Barnes & Noble since we had coupons, and checking out at noon. Seeing that a rainstorm was about to chase us up the interstate, we cut out the B&N trip. We loaded the crate and the tray first, and left Willow leashed to the bathroom door handle while we brought out the suitcase, animal bag, James' C-PAP, and the leftover goodies from the wedding to the car. She was very good and did not whine or bark (or leave a puddle on the vinyl floor). Schuyler was swathed in both her sunshade and her regular flannel cage cover since it was in the 50s and damp out, and complained mightily about it.

On the way home we listened to the second and then last episode of the 1936-set Scarifyers radio serial "The Nazad Conspiracy." Friday we had left Detective Inspector Lionheart (played straight but with some humor by Nicholas Courtney, so long Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart on Doctor Who) taking the place of bookish Professor Edward Dunning (Terry Molloy) in a highly illegal duel with a pompous British colonel. This eventually got to the real plot—with some very tongue-in-cheek scenes, including their portrayal of Alisteir Crowley, the avowed Satanist, as a humorous flake—a plot to resurrect Grigori Rasputin. We both nearly died laughing when Lionheart barked to a police associate, "Chap with fangs, five rounds rapid!", parodying his classic Doctor Who line. Courtney says the line with great relish, too! We also listened to a Radio 4 documentary called The Communist Cosmos about the Russian end of the space race. They chatted with several Soviet cosmonauts, including the woman who was supposed to be third into space.

We briefly stopped at the flea market at exit 221, but I did not find the vendor nor the item I was looking for. It was quite crowded, too, with vendors out in the parking lot, too. What I did find is that the fall I took off those dratted "girly shoes' last night has left me with a major pain in the right hip. It's hard to move when I get up, and I've been limping pretty badly all day. My foot, where I scraped it on the straps, also hurts on the right side. James is having trouble with his knees. We are just out of practice for dancing! Had to stop at University Avenue for a couple of gallons of gasoline, too, since we completely forgot about filling up in the process of packing the car!

We were whacked when we got home and we still couldn't rest after getting the critters back in place and the car unpacked: we had to go to Kroger and finish the shopping, which was mercifully short, and fill up the car. We tried to combine business with pleasure by also finally going to Barnes & Noble, but we were both so tired it wasn't much fun. I did pick up a cozy mystery and a remainder book.

Washed some clothes when we were "in for good," and both had something hot and quick for supper: me chicken soup from Kroger and James some chili over the little potatoes we brought home from the wedding. We have a huge container of fruit and a few of the yummy egg rolls and crab rangoon (the crab rangoon actually tastes like crab, rather than the sweet cream you get at Chinese restaurants).

Oh, and something funny: I was eating the soup and Schuyler was begging for it! Now Sylvester loved turkey, and Merlin was crazy about pork chops, and Bandit and Pigwidgeon took occasional people-food samples, but Skye has never asked for anything except for oatmeal. Well, she was going nuts bouncing up and down when she saw my soup bowl. So I offered her a spoonful and she quite guzzled it down and asked for more. Hope it won't upset her tummy, but she was so funny!

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