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» Saturday, April 13, 2013
Make Do and Party On

I know I've been eating lower sugar oatmeal a while now. They had packet oatmeal at the hotel breakfast this morning and I picked the maple and brown sugar. It was much too sweet. Nice variety of breakfast things, and juices and milk.

All the dog show people were gone by the time we left the hotel. James was disgusted at them. He managed to get Willow, at fifteen starting to have bladder problems, outside with no accident, yet their were puddles all over the hotel foyer, and it didn't look like one owner had cleaned up after their pet! No wonder pet-friendly hotels have such bad reputations! Clean up after your dogs, folks! Bad humans; no cookie.

We sorta had a mission this morning. We'd remembered all our dress clothing, but not the accessories: James didn't have his kilt pin or a tie tack, and I'd forgotten a necklace. We stopped by Walmart. Walmart does not sell tie tacks. That figures. We stopped at a flea market thinking they might have some old jewelry. Nope, just that awful new stuff with the gold like brass and the silver like chrome. Trifari and Coro would have been ashamed to make such crap. Even though they only made costume jewelry, it was good costume jewelry, for ladies and gentlemen, not for pimps and whores. One huge necklace had a rhinestone-decorated hitman on it. Seriously.

So first we drove downtown to check out the venue for tonight, then headed from Macon to Warner Robins. I knew the Air Museum had pins. Not quite a tie tack, but James got a pewter bomber that will do. Then we went to visit his dad at the cemetery. Yesterday at Michaels I had bought a little pot of artificial daisies and some small American flags. I stuck one in the pot of daisies and we put another in the bouquet urn. It was nice there. The sky was still a nice blue and covered in mares tails. Everything was green and pretty, and the wind chimes hung in the tree near Dad's grave sang sweetly. The only problem was the gnats. They covered my arms and hat by the time we left.

So I had this scathingly brilliant idea: we went to Michaels. James bought some pin backs and a largish anchor pendant. I bought a crystal heart, some silver chain, and some spring rings and links. And as we waited for lunch at IHOP, with the help of James' multitool, I constructed a nice necklace, and James fastened his anchor on a pin back, and he had a kilt pin.

On the way back to the hotel I asked James to stop at CVS so I could buy some makeup. I hit the jackpot: they had three sets of my favorite barrettes, which I can't find at home anymore. I bought all three.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and getting into our fancy togs. Immediately one of my new "girly shoes" started rubbing against my big toe. I didn't end up with a blister, but it was really close.

At five, with James in his kilt and his new tweed jacket, and me in my new cerise ombre top and swirly black skirt (and the girly shoes), were off to downtown Macon. The wedding was at a place called the Blacksmith Shop (it was, once; they had photos in the back) with a lovely front courtyard full of twinkly-lighted trees, some bushes, and a little fountain. The wedding was held in the courtyard, with the wedding party marching in from the gates, and then the party moved inside. There was talk, and lovely hors d'ouvres followed by a killer buffet, really delicious mango lemonade, and then the deejay started up and our niece Nicki, who's a dancin' fool (well, she used to teach Zumba) and Sabra (James' youngest sister, the bride) started up the dancing. Sa got James out on the dance floor, and then I did, and by the end of the night we were dancing away with the rest of them. My knees are already telling me I've been a bad, bad girl.

We were there until ten, when we figured poor Willow would be tying her back legs in knots, and, taking a bunch of leftover fruit and cupcakes, we both limped back to the car and drove back to our hotel. And here we are, undressed and comfy again, online, on chat, with Schuyler singing us a happy song.

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