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» Friday, April 26, 2013
Food and Frustration

If I hadn't gotten things done today, I'd be utterly pissed. The woman at TruGreen assured me on Tuesday that someone would be here on Friday, and they called yesterday to say they'd be coming. Northwest Exterminating also called to say that they'd be coming today.

Neither of them showed, which is normal for TruGreen but downright weird for Northwest. James says that's TruGreen's last chance. Bother. Now we have to find someone else.

I wonder what happened to Northwest, though?

Meantime I was tied to the house all day, which left me fit to be tied. I did finish shelving the books piled up downstairs, although some shelves will need some major reshifting later on. I tidied a few things in my craft room, sorted out some magazines, put up some things in the kitchen and dining room, made the bed, indexed some cross-stitch magazines and cleared off some old floppy disks, and finished Nicola Upson's Two for Sorrow. But I couldn't finish vacuuming because I was afraid I would miss the doorbell. When the doorbell did ring, it turned out to be UPS, delivering James' order of vegetable flakes from Amazon.

And I never did get to go to the cleaners; now I'll have to go tomorrow. Bother.

For supper James and I went to Stevie B's for the first time. This is a pizza buffet like Cici's, but, based on our experience, much better! We could get a senior rate, and had a coupon, which made dinner about $10. They make you custom pizzas, so I ordered bacon and black olive with no cheese without a twitch of the eye from anyone. Their crust is delicious. Although it was a thick crust it was also crispy, not exceedingly doughy, light, and tender rather than tough. I've always been the one who liked the crust better than the pizza, and I was impressed. Must come back. Also had a slice of their "loaded baked potato," which was yummy.

We had coupons, so went by Barnes & Noble at Town Center. I found a likely-looking anthology called Queen Victoria's Spell Book, a collection of "gaslamp fantasies." We emerged from the store just as the sun was setting, and drove home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and Kennesaw Avenue, just as the lights were going on along the streets and in the homes, with the crickets singing a nighttime accompaniment. It's so funny: all of the Kennesaw Avenue homes have lovely verandahs with plush chairs and lamps lit on them, and on a sweetly-scented, cool night like tonight, no one was sitting outside. I would  have been out there with a little throw for my shoulders and a book! We drove through downtown Marietta unimpeded, despite the first "Concert on the Square" of the year, the country tunes drowning out the nightbirds calling from every corner, and took a small detour through an older, working class neighborhood to get to Baskin-Robbins for some dessert. Again, several smaller porches with lamps and comfy chairs, but no one out, not even any kids. Gosh, what a difference from when we were younger; we'd be outside playing with our friends even when the streetlights came up, until our mothers shouted at us to come in.

Came home and watched the first two installments of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. So far it's not bad, although Essie Davis seems a bit old for Phryne, and they've added a continuing backstory: Phryne has returned to Australia to keep her eye on and talk to an incarcerated pedophile whom she believes was responsible for the disappearance of her sister Jane. The first two tales are based on  the first and third book, and, because it's only an hour timeslot, the stories have been rather simplified. I think I would like the series better if I hadn't read the books first and gotten involved in the complex plots and characters as portrayed in the pages. I do love the actress playing "Dot," Phryne's personal maid, though; she's sweet and adorable.

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