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» Sunday, April 21, 2013
$10 Lunches, Outsmarting Windows, and Other Sunday Stories

It went down to the 40s last night and was heavenly for sleeping. We stayed snuggled up in bed until ten, when Willow's whimpers became audible and James got up to walk her. I followed a few minutes later.

We had a leisurely breakfast and, about noon, headed down to Ikea, another place we hadn't been in ages. It was another sunny day, but with wispy clouds pillowing half the sky. Before we actually got down to the freeway, we stopped at Kroger to pick up James' prescriptions, some boullion, and a newspaper, and to get some gasoline.

Ikea was pretty crowded when we arrived—we had to park on the second level—but there was no line at the Ikea cafeteria when we arrived. Since I'd just eaten, I wasn't all that hungry, and I noticed the combo meatball deal, which was $6. You got fifteen meatballs, some mashed potatoes, and lingionberry sauce, soup or a salad, and a drink. So James ate the meatballs and had the drink (I only have water at restaurants), and I had the soup, and we split a piece of their chocolate cake.

We had a nice walk at Ikea; they set up a meandering path so that  you see everything they have on display (and get good exercise to boot). A lot of our favorite things aren't made by Ikea anymore: I think they've gotten rid of the entire Leksvik line (our bed, our china cabinet, among others), and they don't make those lovely wooden shelves like we have in our bedroom and in the laundry room. A keen pair of corner desks were also on clearance. We drooled over the kitchens as always, especially the deep "farmhouse sinks."

In the end we only bought a crepe pan (James wants it for making grilled cheese sandwiches) and two of their 99¢ clocks. I just want one for the laundry room, and there's a spare, too.

On the way home we stopped at Publix for some "plastic cheese," as James calls it, and a few more granola bars (they'd been out when I checked on Friday), and then we were finally home. After putting things up and changing, I decided to mess with the computer again. First, just in case it was suddenly the wireless mouse that was messing things up, I disconnected it and used a regular wired mouse. This was not the problem. So I connected the HDMI again, and got into Windows. This time I was allowed to load the newest version of VLC, 2.0.6, but that didn't help with the full-screen problem. However, I noticed when I right-clicked on the VLC icon, Windows had a troubleshooting icon. It couldn't hurt. It asked me a series of questions, including "what was the last version of Windows where it properly worked"? Well, it worked with Windows 7 a week or two ago, but that wasn't one of the choices. However, it works perfectly well on Windows XP on my desktop, so I said "Windows XP, Service Pack 3," I guess it did its emulator thing.

And now it works properly!

Too bizarre.

Spent what was left of the afternoon, as it was after 3:30 when we got home, watching various things I'd found on YouTube: the "Medicine Ball" episode of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, "The War Between Men and Women" from My World and Welcome to It, and the episode "High Tension" from Lassie. Supper was roast lamb and saffron rice, and then it was on to Call the Midwife and a very melancholy episode about a woman's inability to accept her baby's spina bifida, followed by the fourth episode of Mr. Selfridge.

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