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» Sunday, March 03, 2013
Surprise for Breakfast

I got up a few minutes after James left the bedroom to take a couple of ibuprofin and lay down until 9:30. The sky was grey still, and I could see a few birds pecking at the seed.

At 9:30, when I got up again, it was snowing. Well, that's a surprise; a nice Sunday-morning-with-nothing-to-do (well, except the usual Sunday chores—get clothes ready for Monday, fill my pill container, put all last week's "house clothes" in the hamper along with the towels)—surprise. Had breakfast and watched the snow change from heavy to light and back again. It stuck just briefly, melted, started to stick again, then tapered off around noon and was gone, to the utter relief of the birds at the feeder who had been looking around with this "What the hell?" look on their little avian faces. A cozy, calming feeling which I hope I can bottle for the rest of the week, but so doubt.

And so here we were: I dubbed off enough more episodes of Castle to fill a disk, poked about watching a couple of shows on DIY and then Pawn Stars, and we also watched this week's Flipping Boston and Too Cute (the kittens are adorable, but where are all the puppies?). Was amused at Flipping, which had the guys renovating a 385-square-foot condo in a week. They did a dandy job with it, all dark paneling and a Murphy bed, a neat little bath and a respectable kitchen with a full-size fridge and stove. They even put in an electric fireplace. But they insisted on selling it as "a bachelor pad" (a guy did buy it) and were surprised that a young woman and her grandfather showed up. Yo, guys, some of us ladies don't like "girly-girly." Had I been in the market for a tiny condo in Lynn, Massachusetts, I definitely would have scooped it up. The dark paneling was beautiful and it would have taken relatively few "feminine" things (a few fake plants or baskets, a quilt or other soft furnishings, nice artwork) to soften the place, and not had it be the suck-ass pink/shoe theme crap they usually toss at women.

Oh, and I cleaned the hall bath and washed the floor in the master bath, vacuumed (again), James loaded the dishwasher and made himself some lunches, I read Those Angry Days (Lindbergh and the isolationists vs. Roosevelt; enthralling so far). At four we went to Kroger to gas up the truck, buy a paper, and let James put in some prescriptions at the pharmacy. Even though the sun was out from noon, it was very cold and the wind immediately found weak spots in our outer clothing. We had the pot pie for supper with a salad, then watched Tron: Legacy, which James had been interested in seeing since he liked the original. To someone who thought the VR "Questworld" sequences in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest were boring, this was equally dull. Most of the time I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on with all the flashing lights. Nice score, though, and it was interesting seeing Olivia Wilde in another role besides "Thirteen" on House. (Neat version of the Disney castle logo, too.)

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