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» Sunday, March 10, 2013
Spring Forward and Sleep

Since, by the new time reckoning, it was after three when we got to bed, I wasn't enamored of getting up at 9:30, but instead snuggled down for another hour. Had breakfast of oatmeal and then tried the Greek yogurt. The coffee flavor is still way too bitter; sure makes me miss the wonderful Cafe au Lait flavor Yoplait Whips used to have.

So we went to Kroger sometime after eleven, walked in the door—and damn if every single banana wasn't green. A real greeny green, as Seymour Sassafrass would say, but I didn't peel them to see if the insides were green, too. Bet they were hard, though! The produce guy said that was all they got was green ones. A lady nearby shook her head at me: "Don't go to Publix; they're green there, too." Geez. Not only that, but all winter there have been alternatives: peaches, plums, nectarines. Not a single one around today. I got Granny Smiths instead. We also found beef bits for tomorrow's dinner and some pork steaks for Tuesday, regular yogurt, milk, a cucumber, two ears of corn, and a couple of dollar frozen dinners (yeah, I'm doing the Michaelina's pepper beef rice again, despite the one ounce of meat in it; it'll do for a lunch).

Put up the groceries and then went out for just a little bit to Barnes & Noble. I did finally find this year's "Country Sampler" Home Tour edition, and turned up a cool trivia book of obscure facts from other countries to use my coupon on. James used his on a gift. We only stayed out about an hour, and we arrived home around three. I tossed some clothes in the washer and then put away the winter decorations. Away went the winter village and the snowmen and the polar bears and the snow candles, away went the children holding up their arms to the sparkling snowflakes scattered about them and the soft snowmen and the blinking snowman and the Arctic animals, away went the snow garlands and the snow flakes and the skating sparrows. I even cleaned off the last of the Christmas gifts from near the hearth and now it is all fall again at the fireplace and on the etagere (including little "Molly Moo" and her fall  bouquet) and on the television stand and on the foyer divider. The St. Joseph's altar is on the china cabinet, some spring things on the table and the console, including my cutie sheep with the butterfly on her head, rabbits and sheep and eggs in the foyer jockeying for attention with a fall bouquet and moose, lilacs over one door arch and blue petunias over the deck door.

By the time I finished all this (and ended up forgetting the three decorations on the secretary, so they're sitting next to the winter boxes) it was dinner time. I warmed the clam chowder, which was so thick in the can it wouldn't even dump out, and the milk very slowly so the milk wouldn't boil. It made a huge bowl even with only half a can of skim milk, but I didn't have lunch and ate it up with oyster crackers tooth and toenail: potato chunks and lots of nice clams. It obviously wasn't Shoney's clam chowder, that's for sure! Yum!

Watched that show The Food Hospital hoping for some tips about my indigestion, but I don't eat most of the foods that were causing that one woman's problems, except for the milk, and I'm not giving up my milk. I don't drink anything besides water except for milk, and I do love it. It's one of the few things that doesn't give me indigestion, along with oatmeal and French bread. For the remainder of the night we've been watching Wild West Alaska, a crazy series about an Alaskan gun store and its employees, including a girl named Phred.

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