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» Friday, March 08, 2013
Objects at Rest (Sorta)

If it hadn't been for my front tire, I think I would have stayed in bed all morning. My God, I was knackered. I'd scheduled this day off several weeks ago when I realized the Cobb County Friends of the Library book sale started today, but I would have blown off the book sale if I could have stayed in bed. Even going to bed at 11:30 and getting up at  8, I was groggy and my eyes hurt.

I ate my oatmeal and yogurt and drank my milk and checked out my e-mail (oh, look, Barnes & Noble coupons), checked out which ones of the World Book Christmas books I had in case I found more, and cleaned the boxes out of my car, then went over to Jim Miller Park early enough to be there at opening but late enough to not have to wait in line. They had the Christmas books on a library cart this year, and sure enough, I found four more Christmas in... books, Spain, Brazil, Holy Land, and Russia. Wandered about through Literature, History, Biography, the Nature and Animals section, Travel, took a peek in Sociology, and braved the Stroller Crowd at the children's books. Found a variety of things including William S. Baring-Gould's biography of Sherlock Holmes that's supposed to be a classic. Didn't completely fill up two bags like last year, and, really, the pickings seemed small.

Then I took Twilight along to the NAPA Auto Center and had him re-shod. Well, there's $140.00 I'll never get back. Sigh. Talk about for want of a horseshoe nail.

Came home and stripped the bed. Since I had dirty sheets I used them as a catch and cleaned off the ceiling fan, too, and then vacuumed the bedroom. By this time it was lunch time and I had the rest of the leftover "pork glop" (it's ground pork cooked with crunchy peanut butter) and started to finish Carol for Another Christmas, a modern version of A Christmas Carol starring Ralph Bellamy, Ben Gazzara, and Percy Rodriguez. This was written by Rod Serling in an effort to support the United Nations and was telecast only once, on Christmas Eve 1964. Peter Sellers shows up as the ringleader of the selfish "ME" people in the Ghost of Christmas Future sequence, and, man, is he creepy. Brrrr.

Surprise! Guess who shows up early: James! After being super-busy all week, Friday had turned into super-slow. He'd also read my Facebook post about a couple of the books I'd turned down and said he was interested in them. So we went back over to the book sale; this was about 3 p.m. and the place was nearly dead. They still did have those two books, and he got several more including a big thick book full of classic science fiction stories.

I got more books, too, including Christmas in Poland. The whole tally is in "Cozy Nook."

When we were done there, we headed out to the Avenue at West Cobb and wandered around Barnes & Noble. James got the new Honor Harrington book and I found the first in a new series about a book collector. Then we tried the "2 for $25" thing at Longhorn, with onion ring appetizers and 6-ounce Renegades.

We came home through the outer edge of Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and had a treat: on the right side of the road there is a grove of widely-spaced trees. We have seen both wild turkeys and deer there at various times, and, as it was just sunset, we were treated to the sight of about a dozen deer grazing on the soft grass amongst the trees. Lovely.

We spent the evening watching American Pickers and waiting for the damn duvets to dry!

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