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» Saturday, March 23, 2013
If You Give a Linda a Wake-Up Call...

Ohhhh...after a week of 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. wake up calls, I was so looking forward to this morning to sleep in. Unfortunately James had to go to work this morning, but at least he got to sleep until 6:45 rather than six.

The weather was predicted as being miserable, so I wasn't surprised when I got up for a "pit stop" that everything was grey and dark outside, perfect for sleeping. As I shambled back to the bed, drowsy-eyed, I noticed my phone was on. It does turn on in the mornings, so I shut it off and got back into bed, turned Phone on again.

Now, I have Timeriffic turn the ringer of the phone off at night, so when I looked at the phone a second time I realized I'd gotten a phone call. From James. He'd locked himself out of his truck and the keys to his desk were on his keychain. As he signed off, thunder pealed and I checked the phone. Oh, wonderful. Tornado warning.

In a few minutes I was dressed, only to find Willow tucked up tight near the gate (presumably because of the thunder). But I had to leave her to take poor Twilight out in the pouring rain. The windshield wipers beat a boring accompaniment.

So I got to the building and James got his keys, and I was headed home and back to bed until I thought...Easter cards. Publix has cards on sale. So I turned back to the store. They had several other things on twofer as well, and a box of bargain books at the front of the store. I rooted inside and found The Great Upheaval for myself, a gift  book, and a board book copy of P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother?, which I adored as a little girl, with the cute baby bird and I thought little Jack Wallace across the street might like it.

I also went to two more Publixes (Publi?) for cards and then came home. Hm. It was only 10:30; I could write out the cards and then mail them. So I did that, and realized I needed at least three more cards. So I printed out and then took the address list, plus the pens, the stamps and the return address labels with me, went to the Publix on Macland Road for the cards (and found dessert for next week to boot: Entemann loaf cakes were twofer this week—yum, chocolate pound cake) and wrote them out in the car, then drove down Powder Springs Road to the downtown Marietta post office to mail them.

Well, since I was downtown...there are two new books I am dying to read, but they are both in hardback (Age of Edison and On Looking), so I thought "I'll try the library." As always, I was disappointed; the library only seems to get new books when they are best-sellers and all that chick-lit nonsense. However, I was amazed to find a Richard Lederer book in the stacks that I had never read (how'd that happen?), and I also picked up what looks like a humorous book on pronunciation, so I did  not leave the library empty-handed. (I could have come home with more; they had a book about Edward VII and Queen Alexandra I'd never seen either.) In addition, I picked up a mystery book I'd enjoyed as a Christmas gift for a friend; the Marietta library, like the Smyrna library, now has a standing set of shelves with books for sale. This was brand new and perfect.

So since I was coming home that way anyway, I stopped at Aldi for a gallon of milk and also got some bread for toast (toast mania continues), and then, finally, stopped at Kroger for gasoline and then really did go home. By then it was almost two o'clock! I had some toast for lunch with a glass of milk, answered a bunch of surveys on the computer—I know I get points for these things, but dang, they aggravate me, asking stupid things like how I "feel" about my credit card; seriously, guys, I use it, I pay it off, I gotta "feel" something about it, too? How stupid!—and then was so sleepy as the clock ticked by three that I gave Schuyler a kiss and told her I was going to take a nap.

I remember waking once, about 4:15, thinking I ought to get up, but I hadn't slept on my left side yet...that futon is miiiiiighty comfortable, I tell ya. It calls your name. "Warm and woozy, soft and snoozy..." So the next thing I knew it was 5:30 and James was home.

As we were going out the door, I noticed Kristie and the family were outside, so I grabbed the little book and took it to Jack. He's so cute!

We had supper at Panera. James tried their new bruschetta pasta and said it was really good; they cooked the pasta properly and didn't turn it into mush. We also stopped by Publix on the way home because I had forgotten to pick up a Passover card, but after that there wasn't much else to do, so we came home. Watched an episode of Lassie ("The Brat"), an old episode of Flipping Boston, and last week's Elementary.

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