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» Saturday, March 30, 2013
Happy But Sleepy

After a nice Friday, it was simply too annoying not to sleep well last night. I had two dreadful what I call "nagging dreams," where something is wrong and I need to fix it, but don't know how, and it just nags and nags until I wake up. I woke up another time for a completely unrelated issue, and then because I had a bad stomachache, and then early because it was just so warm outside, even with the fan pointed directly on me, that I couldn't sleep. My head ached and my nose was all stuffed; evidently the pollen is already up and at 'em. My ears were ringing all day.

We went to the Farmer's Market to get more chicken salad, bacon, and dog biscuits, and would have headed directly to Hair Day, had not James forgotten our contribution, succotash out of Bobby Deen's cookbook. This is an odd duck; to me succotash is corn and beans. This also has tomato, onions, and turkey bacon. James waited outside while I ducked in the Kroger on Macland Road to get the bread I couldn't find last night.

We had a nice time at Hair Day. Juanita and Jessie could only pop in for a while, but after a while we had a houseful. We were able to stay until two, when we had to hit the road and go across town to the Marlay House for this month's Brittrack get-together. We had a small enough crowd that we could sit in the "snug" at the rear, but a large enough crowd to bat around stories and have a good time. I had a lovely cup of beef and barley soup, followed by the lamb stew, which I had to savor because they don't serve it in the spring and summer and it will be off the menu by next week. James went traditional and had "bangers and mash." It was a great time, and we were all reluctant to leave even at six o'clock.

The rain predicted for later tonight started to spatter on our way home; it had been bright sun as we drove to Decatur, to the point where James got sunburned, but when we emerged it was finally cooler, breezy, and cloudy. An hour or so later it was raining in earnest, and—once again, blotted out a brand new Doctor Who not long after we'd started watching it! Blasted rain always comes at the wrong time! I've set all the repeats to record, so hopefully we'll get an intact copy, although we did get to see the last twenty minutes in standard definition.

For the rest of the night we had on The Ten Commandments, one of those they-don't-make-'em-like-this-anymore films, with expansive, over-the-top performances. The special effects, like the pillar of fire and the snake/staff, are amusingly animated these days, but there's still a magnificence about it.

And now that it's nearly midnight, I will go to put the Easter flag up. It has a cross on it and I don't like to put it up until after the proper hour.

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