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» Thursday, March 14, 2013
Busy Is as Busy Does
It was a rather frantic week. Monday and Tuesday we had day-long meetings with the Pittsburgh branch in order to integrate us both to the same methodology. We had some very lively conversation, especially about that "dollar-based" checkbox on the supplies and services screen!

Plus Monday it rained, a big nasty gullywasher of rain, and it took me eighty minutes to get home. Still, I was better off than the co-worker who lives up near Lake Lanier, a 50-60 minute drive on a nice clear day; it took him three hours to get home.

Wednesday was the first day we actually worked in the new office, but this was problematic because we still had no printer/scanner set up and the fax machine, though connected, didn't work. We could do backwork, of course, phone calls and all that, but no printing unless you had a personal desk printer. Well, they'd taken most of our desk printers away to cut costs (not have to buy ink for the thirsty buggers), and I'd never had one, but a co-worker did nicely let me print out one thing. I tried to log in on Tamera's computer and use her printer (she was in class), but it wouldn't accept my Smart Card. This is the problem with having specialized units; in the old days if my computer didn't work, I could log on to someone else's and get stuff done.

Thursday I teleworked and zipped through a lot of e-mails, but had to go in for a meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Branch Chief asked if anyone had any happy personal news, and I said, "Our dog turns fifteen on Sunday!" Yes, Willow is turning fifteen. Sometimes 1998 seems like yesterday. Since we had the meeting, I had to work about 45 minutes later than usual, but I got some more e-mails out and some small things printed. Yay!

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