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» Saturday, March 02, 2013
A Flurry of Activities

A nice warm sleep-in as a prelude to going out on a very cold day—imagine, it's March and it's pretty much the coldest day we've had all season, 28°F with the wind chill. Hats and scarves and hoods were employed against the wind's edge.

Predictably, the crowd was small. We bought a turkey pot pie for Sunday supper, two big baking potatoes, and James got more chicken salad and some pound cake for himself. As we walked about, flurries—actually little sleet pellets—flitted about us, spinning in the wind. It was so cold even the little goat brought to the market by the Capra Gia folks [a.k.a. "Goat Cheese Guy"] was in a "coat" (a little knitted thing). She was awfully cute. She had a little crate she could escape into, but she mostly stayed in the collapsible metal fence surrounding the crate. You could tell she wanted to play; she kept cutting what capers she could manage in the limited space. Too cute for words.

We also finished the shopping at the Whitlock Kroger, and James bought some breakfast. I had my own oatmeal and yogurt when we came home, and then we lazed a bit and I started the monthly backup on my hard drive.

Went out again, heading up for Hobbytown by way of Michaels and JoAnn. I had to ask for [mumble] in Michaels; the clerk said she didn't think they carried them. I said, well, there are three craft projects on your website that use them, I figured you could buy them here! And she did find them. (Sorry not to divulge; gift-making item again.) Also picked up a cross-stitch magazine and some more linen for cross stitch in JoAnn. While James wandered around Hobbytown, I sat on one of the platforms they have so people can look at the big model train setup near the cashier and read the first Phryne Fisher book on my little tablet. I was rather surprised to notice that two dogs were in the store, a rather elderly dachshund and a very sturdy Shetland Sheepdog. It wasn't a delicate version; it almost looked rather like someone had shrunken Lassie. It could have even been a working dog.

Then we cut through the back of the shopping area and went to Barnes & Noble in the midst of a pleasant flurry, as I was still looking for the "Country Sampler" Home special. Not there, but I did find a big surprise: the book Lost States, that I looked at for months at Borders, but didn't want to pay $25 for. It was on the remainder shelf for $7. Score!

We made our way home through the park, but before we got home, we stopped at Lowes. James knows they sell range hoods like ours there and was hoping they sold covers for the light bulb in the hood. Ours is rotting from a combination of cooking and light bulb heat. All they could offer us was a number to call to order another one.

Had supper at home and watched more episodes of From the Earth to the Moon before James went downstairs to work on a model. So now I'm dubbing off Castle.

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