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» Saturday, February 16, 2013
Fresh Air

James went off to Hair Day alone today; I wouldn't risk it with so many people there. Slept a little, tidied a little, watched Alakazam the Great (why? I dunno...I was just thinking about it, that's all).

James got home about three and we decided to go out for a little bit to see if I could stand it. (We'd gone out to supper at Panera last night, but it was a dead loss: the place was too hot, I was in miserable pain with my sinuses and couldn't taste what I was eating, and when I got home my fever was back up.) We had a cold front come galloping through this morning, and it was not only cold out,  but the wind had a blade edge. I washed my hands thoroughly and then took care not to cough while I was inside, and I guess it was all right. I tried to take deep breaths to clean out my lungs and my nose and it was downright painful, though!

James needed some flat white spray paint for his modeling, so we stopped by Hobby Lobby for some. Nothing much I needed, so I bought some tape with this week's coupon. James got a [mumble] as a gift for someone. I was still ambulatory by the time we got out, so we went to Barnes & Noble with the Valentines Day coupon. I picked out Eric Weiner's new book, but by then was feeling a little wiped out.

James brought me home some of the pot roast from Hair Day, but my stomach was queasy and I had Cheerios instead. Watched Britcoms for the evening, including As Time Goes By. I like Lionel and Jean; they are so real, and funny without being juvenile, and just plain charming.

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