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» Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Party Prep 1
This would have gone a lot faster if I hadn't wasted at least ninety minutes in the bathroom this morning. Apparently the crud going around finally got to me. (And at least I wasn't at work, suffocating in a ninety-degree stall. Air circulation in the third-floor bathroom is a joke.)

However, I did wash three loads of clothes, got the downstairs bathroom ready for company, washed the hall floor downstairs, put a bunch of things away, cataloged cross-stitch magazines that have been sitting around since last spring so I could put them away, collected plastic bags for recycling, backed up my hard drive, and, finally felt well enough about three o'clock to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to use a couple of coupons before they died. James needed a new canister for his Soda Stream and I just went ahead and bought a bath sheet for James' recliner. We had a recliner set (seat cover, footrest cover, armrest covers) for years from Harriet Carter. When it wore out, we ordered another. It hadn't been on the chair for a month before it started to shed, and when I washed it, more of the "fleece" fell off. Evidently Harriet Carter has a new, cheap-ass supplier. A towel won't look as "fitted," but it will be easier to pull off and wash, and it can't possibly shed any faster! I picked one in a nice autumn-y burnt orange.

There's still so much to tidy up; it's not dirt, it's just...stuff!

When James got home, we finally put our new license plates on the car. He got the "plain" one with the one peach, and I got the fancy one with the peaches and the peach trees. We were nonplussed to see that we have new license numbers. Arrrgh! And I hadn't memorized the last one yet!

We ate leftovers for supper in a further party clean-up measure. It wasn't a cheerful supper; there are layoffs where James works. He was told his job is safe, but his supervisor privately advised him to "start looking around" just in case. Urgh.

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