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» Saturday, January 26, 2013
Itchy Feet

It turned into a dreadful week at work. I had to throw a lot of effort into something that, in the end, I had to turn over to my team lead. It would have caused a serious problem otherwise. In the end, Alan at least stopped what would have been a critical event, although the total problem is not resolved. Plus we had the whole scare about possible freezing rain falling on Friday morning. It rained a little, but nothing freezing.

Didn't set the alarm last night and we actually slept until almost ten o'clock! This afternoon we did something different: went to the Atlanta RV show. We got there about noon and there was a big long line at the exit, since the exhibition center was right at that corner—unfortunately it was across the street. So James had to maneuver into the left turn lane almost immediately, and we inched behind the line of cars, having to park at the very back of the building.

However, the very long line around the side of the building went very quickly (a lot more quickly than the old line at DragonCon, that's for sure). While we were waiting the Lawsons arrived—they love camping and always come to the RV shows. So, pray tell, what are we doing here? We sure have no money for an RV and nowhere to keep it. Well, it was something to do, we love the annual RV program on HGTV, and we wondered...if we had just a little money, what could our truck pull?

Well, not really much. One of the vendors told us the max pull on the Tacoma is probably 3500 pounds. So we'd have to have something very small and very light.

We did find some cute little guys: a few A-frame popups, and also a cute little thing called an "ebug" or something like that. The one they had was cramped and had bunks in it for kids, but you can get them without.

After that we clambered in and out of larger units, one we would need a full-sized pickup truck to pull, and the fold-out campers with the screened sleeping areas. Again, these were mostly affordable. About 1:30 we stopped for a hot dog and bottled water, then I said to James, "Okay, I've been to Tomorrowland. Now I want to go to Fantasyland and ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride." :-)

So we went looking through the expensive units, the ones that no way in hell could we ever afford, including two all-in-one units that cost more than the original price of our house (and several that cost what our house is valued at now [wince]). These were veritable palaces. Several had [small] walk-in closets and electric fireplaces. There were units that had the master suite "upstairs" (up a couple of steps). three or four actually had full-sized refrigerators.

We were sitting up in the front seats of a quite nice unit, with a swivel chair behind us, a nice little kitchen and all, and I said to James that I wished we could just drive off it, swing by the house to pick up the fids and some clothes and just go. I'm so abominably restless. Nothing seems to suit anymore. I just want to spread my wings and fly.

But of course we didn't go anywhere. We just walked around until five o'clock and then went home, after picking up dinner at Dragon.

Sigh. So many places to go and no way to get there...

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