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» Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleeping late: priceless.

But then the Sunday chores begin: parcel out medicine for the week in their little compartments, hang out my clothes for the week, toss the towels in the hamper for washing on Tuesday (ditto nightshirt and this week's house clothes). Next breakfast, then the weekly grocery trip: twofers at Publix, followed by staples at Kroger. We did find some nice watermelon chunks, though.

Once that was put up, we went to do a couple of errands. We had a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon, so we bought a small coffee grinder. We don't drink coffee, but we have bought some flaxseed to use as a supplement, and we needed a grinder for it.

We also each had a 50 percent off coupon for a local store, and I was able to pick up a Christmas gift, and we had a treat: I had a coupon for Baskin-Robbins: buy one cone, get a second for 99ยข.

When we got home I decided to make an inventory of all the Christmas gifts I have so far, as my list has become outdated. Quite happy to discover I already have shopping done for at least four people and parts of other gifts starting to come together.

And that was our day. James has been sneezing and feeling bad all day, and I keep having chills. We had found some barbecue on twofer at Publix. It wasn't Lloyd's, which is too sweet and has too little meat, so we figured we'd try it. Alas, also too sweet and too finely pulled, so it's pretty much glop. We won't buy it again.

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