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» Friday, December 28, 2012
Well, It's Been an Uneventful Two Days...

...until this evening, which was how I like it.

I've spent the past two days listening to Christmas music and doing things around the house. Did some sweeping yesterday, and two loads of laundry, and mopped the kitchen floor. James worked all day yesterday, but I did go out and get more storage boxes and greeting cards. I also bought bourbon chicken from the hot bar at Publix, which I had for lunch (today, too) and stopped at Costco, which appeared to have a thousand copies of the DVD of the movie Ted.

Also started a craft project, but the paint pen died on me. I was pretty disgusted anyway, since I had to keep pumping it to get the paint out—my wrist started to hurt.

Today I cleaned out two drains—one can now shower in the hall bath without being ankle-deep in water—and vacuumed...again. Trying to put things away slowly, but it's taking a while. Everything seems like it's been "up in a heaval" since the end of fiscal year. James came home about two and we went to Publix and...well, I think you can finish that one by now. He also bought black-eyed peas since New Year is coming up.

We had a treat this afternoon and evening: our friends Anne and Clay were up from Warner Robins to go to Home Goods and to Fry's, and when they got done they joined us for dinner at Giovanni's. Good meal and great company.

We found a show tonight on television we'd never heard of before, I Love the 1880s, what was described by the History Channel as a humorous look at American history. It didn't particularly concentrate on the 1880s. We learned some facts: Jefferson and his compatriots were prodigious drinkers, for example, but it was short on true humor and long on stupid jokes. How far the History Channel has fallen!

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