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» Saturday, December 08, 2012
It's a Wrap!

I have finally sunken into my chair. The back support feels so good!

Let's rewind. I could tell it was going to be warm today because I woke up with aching joints everywhere. Even my toes hurt. I'd forgotten to shut off the alarm, but I just groaned, whacked it off, and turned over, basically what I'd been doing all night, because it hurt every time I tossed and turned in bed.

We only got up because Willow barked to go out, but we needed to get up and eat breakfast (and watch This Old House, which the DVR wasn't recording because it wasn't labeled "new," having already aired on PBS, but we didn't see it because of dadratted fundraising), because I had four more packages to go to the post awful. I was afraid of a line out the door and was very surprised to see only six cars in the parking lot? Is this a sign of the economy? A Saturday before Christmas that the post office isn't crowded? Wow.

So that was done posthaste (pun intended), and there were parking spaces downtown, so we were able to go the Farmer's Market, too, even though it was nearly noon. We got goat cheese, cucumbers, sweet corn, and some cookies for desserts. Also walked down to the Christmas store and got one square of dark chocolate ginger cashew bark. It was a wilderness of Christmas, all sorts of specialty items from Kurt Adler and Christopher Radko, and more moderately-priced Old World Christmas. I definitely miss Willow Too antiques at this time of year. They used to decorate with candles and primitive items and little pine picks tucked here and there, and it was so pretty.

Had to get home because James was due at his club meeting. So he was off, and I decided I would wrap gifts. Instead of sequestering myself in the spare room, though, I brought out one of my craft tables, the wrapping paper container, and the gifts in batches of four or five, and started to wrap while watching stacked up programs on the DVR. I watched the last two episodes of Elementary, two episodes of Lassie from Angel2, and finally the last part of the celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (yeah, I still have some of it still to watch).

When James came home I was still wrapping. I was still wrapping as he printed out Barnes & Noble coupons. I finally gave up and finished getting dressed and we went to Fresh2Order for supper (I had a twofer coupon for my birthday). The cashier even discounted my soup! That was nice.

Stopped at B&N hoping to pick up the new Elemental Masters paperback. It's always good when Barnes & Noble has coupons, because Amazon doesn't discount ordinary paperbacks. And today we both got two coupons with two different codes, so we can use both of them. Usually the codes are the same. That's good, because not only was the Elemental Masters book out (short stories in Mercedes Lackey's universe), but Mr. Monk is a Mess is out in paperback.

Came home and started wrapping again, and wrapped until I was done, except for one gift that isn't finished and one gift that's not done. The last two were the hardest because they were gift baskets. I had to make shred for them and then wrap them.

James helped me clean up and I was finally done.

Of course now I have to have a Christmas tree to put them under. I guess I will have James tow it upstairs sometime tomorrow and I will decorate it on Tuesday. It's my birthday and I'm taking it off.

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