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» Saturday, December 01, 2012
Another Day With "My Guy"

Ah, well, one morning sleeping in, one morning not. Even though we had nowhere to go early, we were awakened by Willow needing to go out. Nevertheless, after breakfast, I got some things done: put two Xerox paper boxes together with stuff to go to Goodwill, since we were taking the old printer today. I also found a few new toys I had stashed.

James nearly killed himself getting that awful printer out the door. We had slid it down the stairs last night (for once I am glad we had carpeting!) and now I pushed it until it was as close to the door as it could get. "All" he had to do was pick it up and get it down five steps and a few more strides to the back of the truck where we had backed it in. The danged thing must weigh 60-70 pounds and he turned scarlet hefting the wretched thing to the truck bed. But it was done, finally, and the Goodwill guy unloaded it. We dropped the toys—a puzzle I had been given once; I don't really do puzzles and two Webkinz reindeer still with tags—at Publix for Toys for Tots. We also snagged a couple of twofers for us and bought a few more to put into the Can Bank (diced tomatoes, chili, chicken broth).

We stayed so long at Publix, in fact, we barely made the Farmer's Market; we got there just as they were breaking down. We managed to get James' chicken salad (the guy wasn't there last week), more dog biscuits, and some desserts. Then we walked across the square to the British store, The Corner Shop, which was having an open house with British Christmas treats: mince pies, jam tarts, and Jaffa cake. Someone had made sausage rolls and meringues with chocolate cream in between. Yummy! We got some treats to take to the Lawsons' party and James bought a little Christmas pud because he wanted to taste one.

Had lunch at Panera, then went on to Garden Ridge. We needed to get something to make the space tree. We got a black tree with white lights and I bought some extra stars to go on it. James bought some lights to put on the columns; unfortunately they are multicolor, not blue. I also found a bargain Christmas book, Kringle, that I couldn't afford last year.

We also stopped at Five Below, and at Hobbytown, where James found at least three of the late hobby shop denizens wandering around for their modeling fix. They will be having their IPMS meetings at Hobbytown from now on.

By the time we got home, it was late afternoon, and it was very good to relax. I finally put on Christmas programs: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, followed by Rick Steves' European Christmas...

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