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» Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Thanksgiving Eve
What a luxury sleeping late is. An even better luxury is not having a strict rising time, so that when your back aches you can take some ibuprofin to go back to bed for twenty minutes.

Once again last night I had a long, involved dream: this is three within four days. The first one, Sunday night, was almost a murder mystery; Monday was akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and last night it involved some sort of celebration and a co-worker who towered over me. Weird...

So I had breakfast and hied off to Publix, after calling BJs and confirming that they no longer sell a no-sugar-added pumpkin pie. I remembered that Publix also sometimes stocked no-sugar-added pies.

Well, they do, but they didn't have any then; they were just starting to bake them. So I put in an order for one, picked up a couple of other things, and went home. It seems the year has just flown by; I was supposed to write out and mail my Thanksgiving cards on Saturday, but we had hair day and a trip to the hobby shop and the Timegate seems lately that I am always the proverbial "day late and a dollar short."

Well, no matter. I gave poor Schuyler her eyedrop, and then left her cage open as I wrote out the Thanksgiving cards. (I thought I had a surfeit of them and found out to my chagrin I should have picked out about three more at Publix. No matter. I would take the pen and my mailing list with me when I went back for the pie and buy and make out the cards there.) She did not respond to the invitation. Her eye almost looks worse after the eyedrop; it was wider open this morning! Poor little birdie.

I also cleaned out both toilets (ah, how prosaic!) and tried to tidy up a bit. At about 12:45 I gathered up the cards, the pen, and the list and went back to Publix. My pie was ready, I had a few more cards, and I mailed them at the post office before coming home.

Well, before I left I found a little surprise on the stairs: Willow had left a little deposit! She hadn't barked to get my attention, so I was a bit wrathful. I had cleaned up the solid part, but it was wet and had left a stain, so when I got home I had to get the Resolve and dab and scrub. Once I was finished Willow needed to go out and it looks as if she had a bit of a stomach upset. I called James to see if he had fed her a leftover that might have bothered her, but he said no. So no idea what the problem was.

Incidentally, I am so glad I took today off. Just the traffic in the neighborhood was horrible and tiring, and it was so bloody warm: it was 71°F by the time I left Publix the second time. Ugh.

On the other hand, I did order James' Christmas gift and ordered a birthday gift for myself: Sullivan Entertainment has the restored, widescreen versions of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel on sale for half price through sometime tomorrow. You can't find them on Amazon, and they are something like $45 each on Of course the wretched postage is almost as much as the sale price of one DVD!!! I am so very spoiled by Amazon Prime.

Later in the afternoon I sat down to watch my favorite Thanksgiving story, the Addie Mills special The Thanksgiving Treasure, which is addressed here. James came home at the usual time and we had our supper. We spent the evening watching Thanksgiving specials: Thanksgiving Unwrapped, The Secret Life of Thanksgiving, The History of Thanksgiving, and New England Thanksgving. (I swear somewhere I had a Thanksgiving special with Al Roker, but I can't find it.) Now I'm watching the "Home from Home" episode of Alistair Cooke's America.

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