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» Sunday, November 25, 2012
Shopping is Never Done

That's because Sunday is grocery day.

We had a detour this morning, though, because I had told James they had real vanilla at World Market. So we stopped there quickly, but were unable to go to Aldi for milk because they weren't open yet. So we just hit Kroger, where we found some chicken drumsticks for supper, too.

Brought the perishables home, then went to Sam's Club again, via Walmart so James could get another $10 OneTouch mini for his pouch. I thought we could find Brawny paper towels at Sam's, but I was mistaken, so we left empty-handed and went to Publix for twofers and a newspaper.

And, yay, then we were done! so it was a nice quiet afternoon at the Young house. Watched last Monday's Hawaii Five-O and the First Sunday of Advent segment of Feasts and Seasons.

The drumsticks were prime, and we tried some new low-carb pasta, with a slice of pumpkin pie as a chaser. Been watching Christmas specials on the Travel Channel all evening.

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