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» Monday, November 12, 2012

I had one goal today: get the spare room back to rights. Otherwise, I slept late, still feeling a bit down after our active weekend and tussling with Schuyler.

I had some nice coupons for this morning, though, and a glance at the radar showed me that the rain was coming in sooner than later. So, after breakfast and dosing Schuyler's squinty eye—and this time I know I got the drop in!—off I went with my coupons.

Stopped at Petco to see if I could find a new forked perch for Schuyler, and did find something. It's a bit bigger and James will need to cut it down. We'll see if it works.

James needed a new bottle of "Coke Zero" syrup for his Soda Stream, so I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond for one. There was a real find amongst the clearance items: the display model of one of the larger Vornado fans, the 12-inch diameter one. We love these fans and have two of the smaller models in our bedroom, one on my side of the bed, one on James'. They cost more because they are super-quiet, perfect for the bedroom, so finding this one at half price was a delight. We have been talking about getting a larger fan to pull the always cooler air from the bedrooms into the living room, and this opportunity dropped into my lap.

My next two stops were at Cost Plus World Market and Michaels. By the time I was done, I had taken care of three Christmas gifts, finished off two more, and gotten a start on another, thanks to some very nice coupons. And I made it into the car just before the rain started.

Work was slow, so James was out early, arriving home about 1:30. He spent the afternoon in the "man cave" after helping me finish closing up the futon after I completed making it up. I finished watching Call the Midwife, which I had completely forgotten in the tumult of vacation, still with three episodes to go. Stories four and five were heartbreaking. Oh, but I do love "Chummy" and was so glad she defied "the Mater" to marry her policeman!

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