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» Sunday, November 04, 2012
An Eventful Sunday

Perhaps it's being off that wretched Daylight Savings Time, but I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long while. We were up at nine, had a leisurely breakfast, then ran some errands. First we stopped for a paper, then we went to Lowe's. Part of this was fun; we were there to get cup hooks for a project, but also wandered around looking at the Christmas decorations. Bought more blue C-7 bulbs, a device for picking up small items in tight spaces and also an extendable stick with a magnet at the end, and the Christmas issue of "Country Home" (seeing the price tag on this reminded me painfully why I quit buying this magazine).

Also stopped at CVS so I could get a dressy barrette for Saturday. It started to rain as we drove here, but the shower didn't last long.

Once home, it was time for a project that had been delayed by voyages to Virginia.

Check out this afternoon's chronicle here.

We were good and hungry after all this work. Had some homemade turkey soup with egg noodles and some ice cream for dessert. Finally chilling out and girding our loins for Monday.

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