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» Saturday, November 24, 2012
Alone on the Range

Unfortunately, it was only half a weekend for James, who had to work today. He was out of the house before 7:30 and I was up not long afterward.

Yesterday I had seen some fall items at half price at Cost Plus World Market, so I went out early when they opened because I had other things to do this afternoon. Then I headed up to Town Center because I wanted to stop by the Barnes & Noble to check something else. On the way there I found a Five Below discount store near the old Borders (yes, I sniffled when I saw the building). I found a nice small gift for someone which was later joined by something else from B&N, and a holder for my backup hard drive so I don't have to swath it in flannel.

On the way home from B&N I stopped at the Farmer's Market. Alas, the chicken salad guy wasn't there. I did get James some boiled peanuts.

Spent the afternoon updating the new phone. We had supper at Hibachi Grill and stopped at the Barnes & Noble at the Avenue at West Cobb. We both got Christmas books: James a book full of science fiction/fantasy stories and me a Chicken Soup for the Soul. Had a good time noticing all the houses decorated already for Christmas. I won't start till the first weekend of Advent.

Plus a nice chat later. Only pain in the neck was remaking the bed (I changed and washed the sheets this afternoon). That mattress gets heavier every time!

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