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» Friday, October 19, 2012
The Long, Long Day
The alarm rang at six and we got up, but not to go to work. Instead, we stuffed one more suitcase into the car, added one dog on a leash and one budgie in a cage, and were off. (Okay, I'm lying. It involved more than that, but let's not go into it. LOL.)

Since it was now 7 a.m. and traffic was getting bigger than an elephant's eye, we just grabbed an apple from the bag in the back seat and a bag of trail mix apiece and waited for breakfast until we got out of Atlanta. (Traffic was so bad on I-285 eastbound we just went down I-75 and back up I-85 and onward.) An oatmeal and fruit, and a burrito and tater tots at Chik-Fil-A later, we just headed our way up I-85. Just took our sweet time, stopped at rest areas to use the facilities and "air" the dog. We listened to Gaelic Storm, six episodes of Paul Temple and the Conrad Case, and...oh, just a pointer. Do not listen to "The Splendid Table" when you're tired, it's near to dinnertime, and you're stuck in traffic. LOL. The guy who had the side of beef was bad enough, but when Lynn Rossetto Casper started talking to the lady who wanted something else to do with apple butter....oh, my! Got lunch at Wendy's and then ate it at the very next rest area.

Not much fall color up here at all, save for the odd maple between the pines, and some golden trees. We stopped at one rest area in North Carolina and the breeze kept shaking golden, pointed leaves all around. All I could think of was Miss Emily Baldwin and Ashley Longworth!

We did see an awful accident in Virginia. Two cars were in a ditch, simply covered in the mud from the ditch, and people coming out of the cars were covered in dirt as well.

Otherwise an uneventful (thank God) ride. Schuyler was as good as gold and Willow only whined a bit until we got onto the freeway. The last two hours were pretty long.

A big surprise when we got to our hotel. I had booked Staybridge, and, since with extended stay, the one room suite was only ten dollars a day more than the studio suite, I got that. This would keep Willow's dander out of our bedroom. Well, the only one-bedroom suite they had had some problems, so they gave us a two-room suite for no extra charge. Neato!

Willow, having kept herself awake for the whole trip, was a bit freaked out when we got to the room. When we left her in her crate in the room to unpack the rest of the car, she started to bark. I was frantic because I didn't want any complaints. We were starving, but I let her out of the crate and let her sniff all through the room, both bedrooms and the living/kitchenette. Finally she did settle down and we went out to find something to eat. We were still nervous, and I didn't want to take forever to get served, so we stopped at Kroger and bought some ribs and chicken soup, plus a few little extras for snacks to supplant the apples and trail mix we bought: cheese, melba toast, jerky, etc.

Television sucks tonight. Best thing on is about crazy and elaborate homes, on HGTV. History has Swamp People, Travel is hunting ghosts, Syfy has wrestling...gah. We don't get DIY here, so we can't even watch Mike Holmes.

Oh, I never did mention where we are: Yorktown, VA. For visiting the aforementioned battlefield, Jamestown, Williamsburg, the USS Wisconsin, etc.

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