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» Friday, October 05, 2012
Suppertime Journey
Our supper hour became an expedition tonight: we ate at Folks in Hiram so we could go to Five Below later on. (At first I couldn't find the store on the map and wondered "Did it already close????" Stranger things have happened!)

Five Below has indeed shed "all the pool crap" and is now full of "Hallowe'en crap." :-) We were able to replace James' big umbrella, which he left at Kaiser last Friday. Also went into Michaels and bought something to complete a gift. One more down!

And when we emerged the sun was setting and it was almost chilly. We drove home with the windows down where we had needed to drive there with the air conditioning on.

Watched episode two of Elementary. Last week's was...okay. Not so absolutely compelling that I said "I love this," but intriguing enough to come back this week. I was pleased at the beginning, with Holmes hypnotizing himself during the AA meeting, but by the end they had gone into emo mode. No. Don't do this. Keep the opening stuff, not the closing.

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