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» Sunday, October 07, 2012
Sundays Are Cool

Woke up to cool breezes coming in every window of the house! How glorious! After eating breakfast we had a nice, leisurely grocery shopping trip, going to Publix for a couple of things and then finished up at Kroger. We even discovered a gift in one place and a presentation-for-a-gift idea at the other.

Apparently our minds weren't on our work due to the nice cool breeze, because we completely forgot to get a newspaper and had to grab one on the way out later on. :-)

I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy of The Tale of Castle Cottage, which was released on Tuesday. Just to do something different we drove out to the B&N at Perimeter Mall, and, because the freeway was being resurfaced, we went by way of surface roads, including the snazzy-home world of Heards Ferry, crossing Johnson Ferry Road and then onward via Abernathy. We saw the hand of autumn laid lightly on the trees and shrubs: maples with colorful tops and the occasional tree liberally dotted with yellow foliage. Several yards already had Hallowe'en decorations, including one lawn with huge inflatable pumpkins and a Frankenstein's monster.

Before going into B&N we took a few turns around the Container Store, but finally we descended into bookland. Ironically, James found a book he wanted (although not the actual book he went there looking for), but Tale of Castle Cottage was nowhere to be found. I did find a history text about Thomas Jefferson having to evacuate Monticello at the end of the Revolutionary War.

We arrived home in time to start dinner. This was a barbecue pot pie we were trying for the first time. It was delicious, if the sauce was a bit sharp. And, hey, no peas! Watched two of Adam Hart-Davis' What the Ancients Did for Us, one about the Chinese and one about the ancient Britons, and the fourth episode of the third series of Star Blazers. Later on, it was the new Mythbusters and then How the States Got Their Shapes.

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