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» Saturday, October 27, 2012
Return to the Nest
Back to the routine: up at six again (actually six fifteen, since I couldn't stand the thought of there being less than seven hours until we got up). We'd pretty much concatenated the purchases last night, and I put up the Nooks. This morning it was actually very simple to get everything together and in its place, and James even managed to snag a luggage cart (as far as we can tell, the hotel has only one) so we could get out to the car in one trip. By dint of turning luggage and souvenirs into puzzle pieces, we did get everything in, although closing the hatchback was problematic for about ten minutes.

It was already cloudy out, with layers of pewter-grey clouds overhead. The spookiest thing was that there were no birds singing at all, as if they were hiding out from Hurricane Sandy.

We picked up breakfast at Chik-Fil-A, and were officially on the road about 7:30. We got some spatters of rain, but by the time we passed Williamsburg, that had stopped. We had quite a good show from the trees west of our location, with nice color all the way to Richmond and then south; they only dulled once we got to the endless highway of North Carolina. We took several "potty breaks," had lunch at a rest area in North Carolina, where I had Schuyler's cage on the picnic table before I found an ant on it—aieeee! I hope it was only one ant!—and listened to some Gaelic Storm, two editions of "The Splendid Table," the conclusion of Paul Temple and the Conrad Case, and the first four parts of The Nine Tailors. We were seriously tired by the time we reached Georgia and even more exhausted when we got home, where we just dragged stuff in. I only washed a load of clothes because after being on the picnic table, I wanted all of Schuyler's cage covers cleaned. We arrived about seven and I emerged from the car to find it chilly, with a brisk wind blowing. It was 70s for most of the route, and then we reached Gwinnett County and the temperature dropped like a rock. Supposed to be in the 40s tonight...where was this earlier this week when we were 500 miles further north?

First thing we did after dragging everything in? We both took a shower! Had oatmeal for supper with an ice-cream bar chaser, read my Images of America Williamsburg book. Television on in the background: PBS and then How the States Got Their Shapes.

And that's it, we're home and back to being landlubbers again. :-)

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