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» Saturday, October 06, 2012
Excursions, Christmas and Anna

My gosh, eight hours sleep. My body's not going to know what to do. A restless sleep, though. Something is nagging at me, something unfinished. But I don't know what it is.

I remembered only after I didn't reset the alarm clock that I wanted to mail out a package this morning, so it was a bit of a rush to pack up the box and tape it to get it into the mail. We found what was practically the final parking space—they were having a run downtown today as well—and wandered about the Farmer's Market, for once not encumbered by heat beating down upon us. We bought cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and sweet corn, along with a barbecue pot pie (at last! finally something that doesn't have peas in it!), and James got some sugar-free strawberry jam.

We stopped at the bank, then went to the post office, which was, astonishingly, not crowded! Usually when we come here, even on Saturday, the line is out the door.

Came home, had breakfast, then went out for most of the afternoon: the hobby shop, of course, where I sat reading for an hour, then out to Betsy's Hallmark for the October ornament premiere. On the way there, we stopped at Whole Foods looking for low-carb food. Lots of gluten-free; not a lot of low carb at all.

I'm glad there aren't that many Hallmark ornaments I like this year, because all the ones I do like are expensive. I got the Nello Williams countdown to Christmas radio (nice Fifties retro look) and the cute Santa Claus in the airplane. James got the DeLorean (pre-Mr. Fusion) and the 1943 Jeep, which we think we can use with the Christmas village. Our soldier may have driven it home on leave.

Before we went home, we stopped at Trader Joe's. Bought some raisin rosemary whole grain crackers to eat with my goat cheese—astonishing this is because I really hate raisins. But they are so chopped up in the crackers that you only get a twinge of sweet.

It was almost dinner time by now, so James had the curry chicken he'd bought at Whole Foods and I started the chicken soup. It was lightly peppered and it just didn't do for my appetite.

Anyway, we watched a new Ask This Old House and then the season premiere of This Old House. They are taking what was originally a two-family house in Cambridge, MA, near the Porter T-station, and keeping the Victorian exterior (because of neighborhood regulations) and are gutting the inside to make it Swedish modern. Yuck! I can't believe they're getting rid of all that beautiful moulding in favor of stainless steel. Also finally got to see the fourth episode of Flipping Boston. I love watching these two brothers—such drama!

After James went downstairs to "the man cave," searched about and found some episodes of Anna dei Capelli Rossi on YouTube. This is the adaptation of the Japanese anime of Anne of Green Gables, originally entitled Akage no An, dubbed into Italian. This is the type of anime I wish they would sell at the anime stalls at DragonCon! The Japanese have done long series of stories like Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna, A Little Princess, etc. One of the Little Women series played on HBO many years ago, but none of the others have made an appearance. I'd love to see them! Understood the occasional word in Anna, but basically made it through just by knowing the story.

Finally I just put on Alistair Cooke's America, which I haven't watched in a while. I usually watch "Making a Revolution" on Independence Day, but our Region 2 player hasn't worked for a while.

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