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» Sunday, October 28, 2012
Grey Day

We had ten hours sleep. I guess we needed it.

Otherwise it was a grey day, literally and figuratively. James wasn't feeling well and I was achy. We decided to finish our vacation with breakfast out, until we realized why we quit going out for breakfast on Sunday mornings—even places usually deserted on Friday night when we go to dinner, like the IHOP, had lines out the door. We ended up at Ken's Corner Grill, where we still had to wait. There was a woman all alone who could have sat at the empty seat at the counter—which is what I would have done—letting a group have a booth, but she claimed it for herself, and at least two tables were occupied by people who took twenty minutes to finish a drink. When we finally got seated it took us so long to get my food that I was sick to my stomach and could only finish half of it. Ugh. Sick to my stomach most of the day.

Got the grocery shopping out of the way, but decided to get the milk at Aldi since, as James said, a dollar is a dollar. To make it worth the time, we also went to Barnes & Noble, where James got aviation and model magazines and "Good Food," while I copped Christmas magazines and a new Ideals Christmas issue. Odd. I could have sworn last year they said it was the last for these.

By the time we got out of the bookstore James was feeling poorly again and I wasn't feeling all that great either. We got the milk and came home.

We had woken to pewter grey skies and cold. It was only in the 50s today with a sharp, cutting breeze. While we were gone the countryside had turned into a wilderness of autumn and we passed multiple gorgeous trees (mostly maples) turning to fire. Heck of a nice day to be under the weather.

Had a quickie for supper: Hormel beef tips over spaetzle. Various stuff on television, most which I don't remember (Mythbusters did a Hallowe'en show), and then we watched Too Cute (kittens this time) from October 19. I extracted the photos from the cameras and put them away, and pulled the books, pamphlets, and souvenirs out of their bags. Put away the underwear I'd already washed, and washed and dried the shirts and pants, and am now drying the washed bedding that was in Willow's crate. Tomorrow I get to do the regular laundry! Yippee.

Yep, "back from the moon" all right...

(Ah, well, Schuyler is singing a pretty song. A nice blessing indeed.)

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