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» Sunday, August 05, 2012

Well,that was an unpleasant turnaround. I woke up this morning feeling vaguely off and once I had breakfast (plain oatmeal with a small sprinkling of brown sugar cinnamon, a cup of mandarin oranges, and some milk) I was sick for several hours thereafter: queasy and with a terrible headache. Squinted my way through James getting air in his rear tire, stopping at Publix and stopping at Kroger. It was only after I ate the chicken soup we bought at Kroger with a little French bread and took three ibuprofin that I started feeling better.

We had to go to Lowe's to get a new part for the gate. The part that goes into the latch which locks—the "tongue," I believe is what the lady at the fence company called it—had bent over a week ago and broken when they latched the gate after cutting the grass. When I called the fence company last week to see if they could fix it, the lady was honest with me: they send over installation crews, not repair crews. The job would cost $250.00. She said if we knew a handyman he could do the job much cheaper, or if we were good at DIY, we could do it ourselves. We'd just have to buy the entire latch assembly; they didn't sell just the tongue.

So that's what we bought at Lowe's. I picked up a triple-tap, too, and a timer that said it did something that it didn't, which means I'm saving the packaging and taking it back.

Now, when we left the house, James had forgotten to put his soup up. He had bought a slightly larger container of soup than I had—sixteen ounces vs. twelve—and hadn't finished it. He left it on the very edge of his end table, which is right next to the recliner, which is the only piece of furniture Willow is allowed upon. She sleeps there at night.

When we got in, the empty cardboard soup container was on the floor, licked clean.

Not angry at the dog at all; after all, we'd left it where she could get at it. What flabbergasted us both is that she managed to finish it without spilling one drop, not on the table or the recliner, or the carpeting! Clever girl!

We got into lighter things and I refilled the bird feeders and put out the thistle sock I'd bought at Lowe's. Not sure how the birds identify this as food, but I'll try one. Mr. Goldfinch has been such a colorful delight that he and the missus deserve a treat!

Somewhere along the line James disappeared. Turns out he just went outside and took the old tongue off and put the new one on. I'd planned to help him, and he had it all done in a trice. Not worth $250.00, that's for sure.

James had found pork roast at Kroger, so we had that for supper tonight, with shell macaroni in cheddar sauce and a green salad, with watermelon for dessert. Watched HGTV most of the night since we've now seen all of first, second and third season of  Big Bang Theory. Will have to look to see where we stand with fourth season.

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