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» Sunday, August 19, 2012
Spattering on Sunday

The next time I bathe the dog, I need to search her for the hidden Sunday alarm. Nine o'clock on Sunday is just too much. :-)

After blundering out of bed, it's time for Sunday chores which I do before breakfast as an incentive to get them done. This means I put my clothes for the week on the hooks on the back of the bathroom door, since on early weekday mornings I tend to bump into walls, then I apportion out my prescription and OTC drugs for the week: Prilosec, heart pill, cholesterol pill, thyroid pill, allergy pill. This assures I don't forget any (well, so the theory goes; it still happens). As in any morning, there are moments of "unavoidable delay," as Frank Gilbreth referred to them. I used the opportunity to finish The Story of Charlotte's Web, which has been a great bedtime book. In order to invoke the children's book, the author has written in a nostalgic, calm style which is perfect to read before going to sleep. Well, as always I looked through the notes (sometimes there's another chapter's worth of information in the notes!) and was absolutely chuffed to find that in the chapter where the author wrote about E.B. White contributing to the St. Nicholas League, he references three scans of the magazine pages done for my St. Nicholas web page!

I'd no sooner fixed my breakfast than Schuyler started scrabbling on the side of her cage, chirping. "Oatmeal! I want my oatmeal!" I'd hardly turned to her with the bowl in my hand before she was on her top perch, next to the bars, waiting for the spoon. She nibbles on the oats with her eyes half-closed, enjoying it so.

Not much to shopping. We went back up to Battle Ridge this week, first to stop by Publix for some bread and other twofers, where I was happy to discover some fall magazines: the latest "Bliss Victoria" (also their British issue), "Blue Ridge Country" with its lovely landscape photos, and something called "Southern Lady," with autumn articles. "Spiffing!" to quote Daisy Dalrymple. Then to Kroger, then home to put up the perishables, but, perish the thought, not the end of our shopping day. We needed Chex mix for my lunch and Mandarin oranges, so we went to Sam's Club. Picked up a book as well, some mushrooms, and James got a copy of Act of Valor.

Finally, after taking my car to Kroger for gasoline, we were done. The clouds had swollen and were spitting at us by the time we arrived home, but by the time it actually rained, we were far, far away, setting down to watch Rick Steves Europe (the British isles) for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We had found boneless pork ribs on sale at Publix this morning, and when we got home, about one, James had popped them in the crock pot with a bottle of Classico tomato and basil spaghetti sauce, bits of green pepper, and mushrooms, and let it cook on high. So for dinner we had fork-tender pork and mushrooms, with bread to "zoop" in the gravy. And leftovers for lunch to boot!

Plus I washed towels this morning and clothes this evening, so we're set for the week.

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