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» Thursday, August 30, 2012
How Do You Spell Relief?
I am so relieved tonight. I finished the very last order I could do today. All those extra hours teleworking paid off.  Oh, I still have orders to finish, but I reached a point today that I couldn't do anymore without input from someone else. I hope this means the nightmares will go away; I could do without those!

I was also happily relieved that traffic was not as bad as I feared it would be. A lot of people take four-day weekends on Labor Day and I expected a lot of traffic jams. Slow traffic, yes, but only southbound was very bad; I guess folks were headed to spend the weekend at the House of Mouse. :-)

But no rest yet! Got home, had supper, and then immediately fell into making sandwiches for the weekend before we got dressed and drove downtown to register for DragonCon. The preregistration line was super-fast like last year due to their new barcode system; maybe it was a little too fast--we had to go through the "maze" of switchbacked line in the Sheraton so fast that James was hurting pretty badly by the time we got our badges due to a combination of bone spur and plantar fascitis.

Last year, since we'd already paid $15 to park, we walked over to the Hyatt and enjoyed a great show by two Celtic bands. We did the same this year, but we didn't stay long. The band this year was heavy metal and we walked out before we lost what is left of our hearing. Instead we walked over the skybridge into the Marriott, where the party-hearty had already started: we found Waldo, saw three Spaceballs walk into a bar (sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi joke), spied several Sheldon-shirts, and passed varied other costumes. Found Emerald Rose's table, and ARTC's, then walked into the Hilton and back to the garage.

But not home quite so soon; instead we walked back into Peachtree Center and had dessert at Dairy Queen, then sat people-watching until we finished, then came home, to do the mundane things, like gather the trash and watch the news, and the special things, like kiss the budgie and feed the dog a cookie.

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