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» Friday, August 17, 2012

Yes, that's what it is. Looking forward to sleeping late this morning and Willow barks at 6:49. Arrgh.

Stayed home all day to wait for the lawn guys and of course they showed up after James got home from work and we'd gone to dinner. Double arggh!

Did get vacuuming done. Cleaned hall bath which is now covered in dog hair because I gave Willow a bath. Burned Yankee Candle's "Harvest" for a while. Not bad. Listened to BBC4X all day; they are doing my favorite Lord Peter Wimsey story, Murder Must Advertise. Found my plum-colored jeans.

Also tried some Laughing Cow cheese for lunch. Got garlic and herb flavor and was disappointed. I've been eating goat cheese so long that cow's milk cheese is depressingly bland.

We had supper at Ken's grill and then went to Barnes & Noble. Wandered about, bought a cross-stitch magazine, plus the newest "Her Royal Spyness" mystery in paperback and Michael Collins' Carrying the Fire.

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