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» Sunday, August 12, 2012
Another Sunday, Another Deadline

Hark, hark, the dog doth bark...oh, it can't be time to get up already.

Ah, but it was.

James made biscuits for breakfast; square ones, using the brownie pan! It was the only bright thing today, as I was coping with another sinus headache and James was sick to his stomach most of the day. We ate a rather dispirited breakfast and then went out to Kroger. Found some more goat meat, bought Those Damned Bananas and other things for lunches and suppers, got milk, and came home to put it away, then took Twilight out to "feed" him, and that was it for being outside today. James nursed his sick stomach and watched HGTV and later Pawn Stars, and I spent the afternoon copying DVDs for a friend and finishing my book reviews for July (better late than never, I guess). We had chopped pork in mushroom gravy over spaetzle for supper, and watched the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics. I don't much like modern music, so I wasn't all that impressed. Most of it was kinda dull, except for Eric Idle, the Morris dancers, and the roller-blading nuns singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

I can't believe it's Sunday night already. Or rather I can't believe it's time for Monday morning soon. I want to dream of turning leaves and cool breezes and the sea and the mountains and bookstores galore, and all I dream of are purchase orders.

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