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» Friday, August 03, 2012

All right: my idea of a good doctor's appointment! Got there at 8:25 a.m. and was out by 9:35, which included picking up one prescription and having blood taken. I mentioned to the doctor that I'd had a sore throat the last few days and he took a look and said it was just from post-nasal drip. Made me wonder what he saw back there...don't think I want to go any further than that!

Had some great wholegrain oatmeal for breakfast along with a fruit cup and milk, which I ate while perusing Facebook. Then I went to Costco to walk around some. Found some neat new gadgets there, including a wireless lightbox that goes under kitchen cabinets and it is motion activated. Picked up season two of The Flying Nun on DVD and, more prosaically, a new bottle of Clorox 2. Then "fed" the car and stopped at Aldi for milk.

I spent the afternoon doing some housework and thinning out DVDs by putting them in smaller cases. I'm considering what to do with the Babylon 5 sets. The originals came in huge, bulky cases, and the covers are holographic. I don't really want to destroy them, but boy, do they take up space! I'd sure like to fit Big Bang Theory into the tower, too. And The Flying Nun, too.

I do doubt Pie in the Sky will ever fit, though.

Supper at Hibachi Grill, and then we drove to the Barnes & Noble at the Avenue at West Cobb to see if they had "The Highlander" in for James—and they did. I found a couple of remainder books. We drove there and back watching an ominous black sky on one side and blue-and-white on the other, and while we were in the store it rained, making it dreadfully steamy.

The poor air conditioner has just been toiling away today; this afternoon it was so hot it couldn't even keep up. Scared me. We simply must have some cool weather where the serviceman won't suffocate in the attic (where the unit is) but where the unit is off so it can have some maintenance!

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