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» Thursday, July 26, 2012
Take A Nap for Six Months...
...and then roll over and get some sleep! That's what I'd like to do; I'm freeping exhausted. Sunday night the dog barked 90 minutes before the alarm and I never got back to sleep. Going to work on 4 1/2 hours sleep was a lot of fun (not), and I slept in the car despite how hot and stuffy it was. It was better on Wednesday because some idiot of a groundskeeper at our office complex kept the sprinklers running all day (you don't know how it annoys me when people waste good water on stupid lawns) and my car was in the path of the water. It was nice and cool inside to sleep!

Teleworking I get to sleep later, but I work longer, just because there's so much to do. Both today and Tuesday I worked eleven hours straight, eating at my desk. But I did get the temp scientist order out, and a bunch of other necessary ones, and worked on the two expiring ones today. Ran into a bunch of problems with the software, about half of which I managed to overcome, but I still have three modifications that won't clear because I can't de-obligate funds from items that have zero dollars on them. (Yeah, I know that's a "duh" moment, but that's the procedure we have to follow to transfer monies to different accounting codes. And it's not working.)

Frankly, I feel like I'm juggling knives on the head of a pin.

I had a bunch of credit at Amazon due to eyeglasses/car repairs/Willow's surgery, so I put in an order at the beginning of the week. Part of it was due today, and sure enough my package arrived with season one of Big Bang Theory and the book Gaining Ground, which is a history of the reclaimed land in Boston. I saw it in October 2010 in the big beautiful and now deceased Borders in downtown Boston and have been waiting ages to get it. Between not finishing work until 6:30 and dinner (we had some Hormel pot roast which was taking up too much room in the freezer over the spaetzle we bought at Aldi along with corn on the cob; it was pretty good) and watching "Shelly" and the gang, I didn't open the book until nine o'clock, only to discover I had a defective copy! Everything before page 5 is missing: title/copyright page, contents, preface, acknowledgements, and the first four pages of Chapter One! So I had to print out the whole magilla to return it to Amazon instead of getting to start it. To quote Robert Hays in Airplane...

I suppose I should fill the bird feeders before going to bed. Looking at my stuffed "dreamy sheep" is making me soooooo sleepy.

Or maybe it was the eleven hours in front of the computer.

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