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» Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Started at 7:30 a.m. Ended at 5:20 p.m. No lunch. Didn't even take the 59 minutes admin leave. Did get something done, including taking care of two problems, one with big help from a team lead. But I feel as if I've accomplished nothing. The boulder gets larger, the hill gets steeper, and I've never had much upper arm strength. Did take time to ice my wrist, but not for long.

We had potlucks for supper, then went to see Brave. Well, we tried to see it at a seven p.m. show, anyway, since we severely underestimated how many people would be there on $6 Tuesdays the night before a holiday. So instead we went to Walmart and got several things we needed, like a sunscreen for the truck, some medical things, more low-carb chocolate milk for James, and chicken wings for an Independence Day treat. We brought those home, waited a half hour or so, then made an attempt at Brave again. A tiny line this time and no trouble.

I am always seduced by the popcorn, and as always, it is dreadful, chewy and salty. I'll be lucky if I'm not sick during the night. Even at a 9:30 show, kids were running up and down the aisles and talking loudly, and of course instead of quiet music you get noisy promos. If I wanted to see commercials, I could watch television. Galls me to pay money just to get assailed with ads for foods and soft drinks, and television series!

The movie, nevertheless, was enjoyable and quite touching. I do wish the suitors had not been such goofs or the male characters all uncouth. What kind of a "victory" is it if the female character can succeed just because the males are hormone-driven idiots and she can learn to keep her head and her dignity over their tomfoolery? It would have been better if some of them were sensible and normal, just tradition-bound. It would have made her realization all the more sweet. However, I was more pleased with it than I sound! The animation of scenery and animals was breathtaking; it's the human skin which still looks a bit plastic. I loved Merida's beautiful horse and the animation of the bears involved (the cubs looked cartoony, though), and the textures of cloth and fur and bark. And the score was great, a nice combination of Celtic-based music with sweeping action sequences.

We were the only audience members who stayed through the credits, which means everyone else missed the funny "tag" at the end. Your loss!!!

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