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» Sunday, July 22, 2012
On the Go

Hark, hark, the dog did bark. At least she waited until 9:30.

The usual morning shopping. Publix had Ranier cherries two-for-one. They can only be better than the Bings I bought last week, which I will throw away. Mother would think it was a sin, wasting food, but they don't taste good at all. Not sour...just blah. One almost tasted like it had been frozen at one time. Then off to Kroger, but we didn't get milk as we were planning to go to BJs for more sale omeprazole.

We set off on that errand after we had put up the yogurt and other perishables, listening to a "Splendid Table" from last month. I must have read the expiration date of the sale incorrectly, though, because the omeprazole was no longer on sale. We did get some other things, though, including a 32GB thumb drive at an insanely inexpensive price (they weren't even this cheap on Black Friday), and seasons two and three of Big Bang Theory. They didn't have season four, and Amazon has season one cheaper. (No, for the person who's going to ask, we didn't get the Blu-Ray version. I couldn't see spending more on a TV sitcom if the extras were the same.)

After all that, when we got to the checkout, we forgot the milk. That was okay, because James wanted to stop at Hobbytown on the way back. We found a parking spot next to a tree which provided a sufficient breeze so I could sit and read behind the windshield reflectors while he was in the store. Then, since it was on the way, we stopped for the milk at Aldi, where it's cheaper anyway.

We spent what was left of the afternoon watching Big Bang (second season on DVD and first season from WPCH). Turkey pot pie and a salad for supper, with watermelon for dessert. Very satisfying.

My mom's been gone seven  years today. Wonder what she'd make of Schuyler...

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