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» Sunday, July 29, 2012
Hot Town, Summer in the City

We ate in on Friday night, since we're suckers for Opening Ceremonies. I picked up soup and sandwich from Panera Bread and James treated himself to Jamaican.

The 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremonies were fun. The two cappers had to be the Queen Elizabeth II/James Bond appearance (and am I glad I saved it since they pulled it off YouTube by the next day) and Rowan Atkinson's part in the "Chariots of Fire" sequence. The historical pageant would have been more interesting if the announcers hadn't been yapping all the time—seriously, are we perceived as that stupid that we have to be told this is the part when industrialization took over from agrarian society?—and there hadn't been so many horrible commercials. There used to be a time when a sponsor took pride in what they sponsored and would curtail the commercials for the sake of what they were sponsoring. Apparently pride has fallen by the wayside. Also kinda bummed by the fact that there was supposed to be a small salute to Doctor Who in the opening ceremony, but it was cut for time—when they let that awful rap music go on and on.

Had a turn around the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, but the weather wasn't conducive to strolling. Ironically, there was a breeze in the shade, and there it wasn't so bad, but being in the sun was like drowning in paint stripper. It burned! Needless to say, we didn't shop very long, just enough to get cucumbers and tomatoes, sweet corn, James' chicken salad, some crisp peaches just the way I like them, and a piece of brown sugar pound cake for a dessert.

Eventually James went on his own to the hobby shop, since I couldn't stand the thought of going back out into the inferno. Read for a while, watched Olympic beach volleyball—well, phooey, the guys were wearing shirts!—and soccer (until the vuvuzelas started to bore into my brain) coverage, and then took a nap until it was time for a wonderful night out with friends: we celebrated Juanita's birthday at Longhorn Steakhouse. Despite several dinners being late, we had a great time talking and swapping stories. Came home and had another nice chat online with Jen, Mike, and Emma until one in the morning.

Had a nice sleep-in this morning, breakfast, and then a short trip to the supermarket. I needed to get gasoline and also wanted to look for the new fall issue of "Country Sampler," so first we went to Barnes & Noble. The cover of "Country Sampler" was like a beautiful breath of fresh air. Along with the "Autumn Cottage" I had found at Publix and the fall issue of "Small Room Decorating," it was a nice assortment of magazines. I also found two remainder books, General Sherman's Christmas (another Stanley Weintraub historical Christmas book) and The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures. One appears to be a Phileas Fogg/Sherlock Holmes crossover. And just because, I got the new trade paper copy of The Story of Charlotte's Web.

We bought gasoline at Costco and then stopped at the new overstock place that is in place of the old Blockbuster. It's a motley combination of assorted foods, glass coffee tables, clothes, pillows, some DVDs and televisions, camping stuff, light bulbs and other assorted items. I bought some Kashi cereal and a new sunshade for my car.

Tonight we had chicken pot pie for supper along with wheatberry and fruit salad, with watermelon for dessert. We had sort of a Big Bang Theory festival, three episodes off Channel 17, and then six episodes from the season two DVD. We've finished first season anyway, and don't need to record the ones on Sunday anymore.

Only one thing marred the day: I went out on the deck this morning to fill the bird feeders. Well, what seed was left in the barrel was infested with those little sugar ants. I had to clean the barrel out and some ants got on me and I was freaked out. I remember how hard it was to get rid of them last time and I didn't want to bring any into the house. We upended the barrel to let it bake in the sun, and tonight after the sun went down I went outside with the Ortho to spray the edge of the deck where the barrel was and the part of the deck that intersected with the house. God, I hate ants! To think I deliberately picked a house with a kitchen on the second floor just to make it harder for the little bastards to get in the house and they are still threatening us.

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