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» Sunday, June 17, 2012
Welcome Weekend

Really needed the trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, since we were out of salad veg completely. Arrived to find all the stalls crowded on Mill Street because there was a Juneteenth celebration going on on the main square. To James' dismay, the chicken salad folks weren't there. We did get cucumbers, sweet corn, and tomatoes, and a pot roast pot pie for Sunday supper, and James bought some lemon chess pies from the Sweet Auburn lady. We also got a couple of apple turnovers to have for breakfast and bought a loaf of French bread to take to Hair Day.

Then the nice drive through Polk Street/Dallas Highway/Villa Rica Road to get to Ron and Lin's house. Bother. Forgot Neil's graduation card and gift. Juanita brought barbecue chicken legs, Lin made baked beans, we brought yellow rice, the Taylors brought salad, Charles brought a fruit tray, there was cantaloupe, and there was potato salad—a nice assortment of food. The chicken legs were wonderful.

We were home a little after one, and James went on to his IPMS meeting and I set the house to order: vacuumed the dining room and put the table and chairs back in place from Thursday dinner, changed out the futon and made it (I'll need James' help to close it), and just ran the vacuum again and made the bed. By then I needed a nap, since we went to bed so late. That was an hour treat!

When James got home we closed up the futon, then went to JoAnn for the Firefly Frenzy. Only three coupons instead of two pages of them, so very strange. I was looking for new ultrafine Sharpies and found them, but, although we stopped at Hobby Lobby first and went next door to Michaels afterward, no one had the new DMC Color Combinations floss. ::grump:: Got some autumn and winter glitters and some little bells (trim for book thongs), and found something we could use to differentiate the tablet cases. We also bought something for {mumble]. (Well, I'm not telling.)

On the way home we stopped at La Parilla so that James could get Mexican for supper. I sat in the truck and played Angry Birds Space. Coolness! Love the trajectories!

I had oatmeal and yogurt for supper and spent the evening watching Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III—a real Sam Neill festival! Emma came on chat late and we talked about all the great stuff she found at a city-wide yard sale.

And then sleeping late this morning! Till ten! (Well, it was two when we went to bed.) Actually woke up feeling awake. We ate something quickly, then went to Costco. Was very tempted by Anne Frank's Family and the DVD of Downton Abbey for $15, but didn't do it. We just got mushrooms and soap. Dang it, they didn't have any Chex again! We also each bought Omeprazole because it's $12 right now, but with the discount just on one at a time. If you don't think I'm going to stock up at that price, you have another thing coming.

We stopped at Aldi on the way home because their milk is cheapest, and then went to Kroger for bread, Those Damn Bananas, and a few other things. Looks like they are replacing the soup bar for a stupid salad bar. Barf. I can get salad anywhere. Good hot soup, that's a treat. Boooo, Kroger. I'm already tired of them; they didn't even have my favorite sandwich buns today, and when they do have them they are covered with cornmeal.

And then we went home, having forgotten the newspaper and a small bag of Chex. Sadly, we didn't miss the newspaper and I have a few kettle chips I can substitute one day for the Chex. We'll have to go to Sam's again or truck up to BJs to get a bag next weekend. Spent the afternoon finally finishing my book reviews for May, listening to shows off BBC Radio 4X, and communing with Schuyler. And we finally put Willow's collar back on. With the bandanna on, Willow's neck is healing nicely and is no longer red and irritated where they shaved her hair.

Now we're watching Holmes on Homes because, in lieu of watching our Netflix disk, which we really should do, but what the heck, it's the best thing that's on television right now.

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